may day to day.

^^grandma Lisa always gives them gloves with their popsicles so it isn't too cold.
^^post bath time lineup.
^^popsicles on the porch.
gotta love a naked baby.
^^matching sissies
this was so funny. shay was SO mad I put her in the cart & navy was so concerned.

^^dressed herself.
stuck her in the play stroller.
^^went to check on shay and she was completely covered.

^^setup while mom gets ready.
^always stealing some of mom salad

^^she loves to finish up shay's rice cereal.
^always in the mothers lounge at church.

^wearing her glasses like grandma bonnie.
^thanks nave.


Memorial Day weekend

We went up to Heber for Morgan's graduation (so weird!) and then stayed the weekend for Memorial day! Everyone was at my parent's for the weekend except for Drew. :( We had such a great time but the highlight was probably our visit to the cemetery on Saturday followed by a Picnic at a park in the canyon. It was the PERFECT weather and we spent our time playing Cornhole & Spikeball--our two favorite outside games.

another reason we stayed up after graduation on wednesday till the weekend was to get out of dad's hair and let him work on his thesis without any distractions!
^nave and grandpa spent some good quality time together, this was them one morning before their run.
 ^just watching some jungle book in her flower crown.
 ^just the groceries for the weekend!
 ^throwing rocks on our walk. she could do this for hours.
^these girls are always wanting to hold baby shay.

  after we left heber monday we met the peterson's at the park for a little picnic + a little spikeball.