Memorial Day weekend

We went up to Heber for Morgan's graduation (so weird!) and then stayed the weekend for Memorial day! Everyone was at my parent's for the weekend except for Drew. :( We had such a great time but the highlight was probably our visit to the cemetery on Saturday followed by a Picnic at a park in the canyon. It was the PERFECT weather and we spent our time playing Cornhole & Spikeball--our two favorite outside games.

another reason we stayed up after graduation on wednesday till the weekend was to get out of dad's hair and let him work on his thesis without any distractions!
^nave and grandpa spent some good quality time together, this was them one morning before their run.
 ^just watching some jungle book in her flower crown.
 ^just the groceries for the weekend!
 ^throwing rocks on our walk. she could do this for hours.
^these girls are always wanting to hold baby shay.

  after we left heber monday we met the peterson's at the park for a little picnic + a little spikeball.


a good day.

today i had my first 'mom of two' victory. i started cleaning the house, i put shay in her swing and navy was just doing her thing. i started cleaning in the room they were both in, but then i moved to do the rest of the upstairs. i cleaned for about an hour and a half without hearing much from these two. (i just peeked in every so often to see how they were.) it was amazing. shay would just watch navy and navy just played with her toys. if shay dropped whatever she was playing with/chewing on-nave would pick it up and hand it to her. miracles happen people.

i don't think i'll ever get over these cute sisters. 


may Idaho visit

 my mom & dad go up to idaho fairly often to visit their parents + grandkids, or to get my mom's hair done, or for a business meeting. we like to take advantage of the short trip (usually less than 48 hours!) and love seeing everyone, so we hop in with them every so often and it's always well worth our time.
you know it's going to be a good visit when it starts out with taco b.

we stopped in to say hi to my grandpa jones-they weren't home right when we got there, so we played outside for a little bit while we waited. it was right when the sun was setting and it was beautiful.

& the best part about idaho-- is lots of cousin time!

 my mom gave my grandma & grandpa matching byu sweatshirts for mothers & fathers day. i thought they looked so cute!

navy is obsessed with school buses. we left in the morning around 8 so we dropped Avery off at school on our way--and navy saw a school bus and wouldn't stop talking about it. So of course grandpa jones pulled over so that navy could get on it. 
 ^^and this cute baby is the best little road tripper!


mothers day.

mothers day just keeps getting better! i can't think of anything else i'd rather fill my days with. 


Shay 5 months.

Shay 5 months
-Finally started consistently sleeping an 8 hour stretch at night
-Talks all day long
-After a lot of work will take a bottle from anyone
-When she nurses she eats on both sides now
-Loves rice cereal-hesitant the first time but gobbled it up the second
-Rolls both ways all the time
-Loves when navy talks/plays with her
-Can hold up toys and eat them
-Eczema starting to go away
-Started spitting up  (not often, but I'm not a fan)
-Doesn't eat quite as fast because she has to stop eating to chat with me
-Chews her bottom lip
-Doesn't cry often but let's us know when she doesn't like something by sort of doing a whine talk 😂😂


Womens Conference + some more fun.

 My mom, Melissa & I wen't to BYU women's conference for two days. It was so great to listen to so many great speakers, and to get a break from my girls for two days. Morg & Mal watched them for me. I was nervous to leave shay because I'd never left her for more than a few hours before and she wouldn't take a bottle. I tried for a few weeks leading up to women's conference, & she would take a bottle from me, but nobody else-she just wasn't having it. my mom convinced me that it would be fine--and that if she was starving she would eat. we went up the day before to do some swimming and then went to morgan's dance recital that night. & while at the recital somehow driggs got shay to take the bottle (of course--mr baby whisperer.) & the next day she took one every time she needed to eat. it was a miracle!


navy LOOOVED watching morgy dance. she talked about it for weeks afterward.
 ^^big girl!
^my dad helped mal watch the girls and i got this picture one of the days. both fast asleep!
 ^^we stayed the night up in heber between womens conference sessions so that i didn't have to drive up and drop my girls off every day.

women's conference was thursday and friday and we stayed saturday too so that i could run a 5k race with the girls + driggs. it was FREEZING, but fun.
and then we did a little swimming with the cousins & the girls got some balloons on the way out the door.
 ^^brian took this sneaky picture of us four--and i kind love it. :)