23 reason i love this guy.
1. he's funny. oh so funny.
2. he goes to work/school without complaint. ever.
3. he's so smart. school isn't even that hard for him.
4. he's the most patient person i know. seriously.
5. his smile is my favorite thing.
6. he eats everything i make for him. regardless of if it looks edible.
7. he's a fabulous roommate.
8. he listens to me. even when i'm complaining/venting/not saying anything important.
9. he's NOT a cuddle till you fall asleep kind of guy. he just can't. but sometimes he does do it. just for me. :)
10. he doesn't get mad/annoyed with my OCD obsessive cleaning disorder. (yes, i just made that up)
11. when i'm upset, somehow, he always knows exactly what i need.
12. his athleticism. he's good at every sport. & i love watching him.
13. his blue eyes.
14. what a great priesthood holder he is. he takes his calling so seriously. whatever it is.
15. that he loves me even though i am not a morning person. (i try)
16. and...stays up late with me...even when i know he wants to go to bed. 
17. his rockin voice.
18. that he is so easy to get ahold of. (he always has his phone) granted, it's never been an emergency, but someday it will be. and sometimes i just need to chat with him. :)
19. that he loves popcorn as much as i do.
20. he loves me despite my {many} flaws.
21. his testimony & knowledge of the gospel.
22. how he lets me know he loves me multiple times a day.
23. how excited he gets when he's telling me about some engineering problem he did that day.

so glad he was born 23 years ago. :)
happy birthday bri.

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  1. WOW! I am amazed that you only did 23. You probobly could have done like 100! love you