an early christmas

bri & i decided we didn't want to take all our gifts from mom&dad peterson to idaho. 
but of course we couldn't wait until after we got back to open them.
solution: open them early. of course.

so we had an early christmas for fhe last night.
i liked it, because even though i couldn't be happier to be spending christmas day with my family, we got to have our own little christmas with just the two of us. 
& my mother in law rocks at gifts. 
brian is in love with that new sweatshirt, as well as the basketball in the corner.
so easy to please that boy.

we are loving christmas break. 
i {love} that my husband doesn't have to get out of bed at 6 in the morning. 
and brian is {loving} catching up on psych. :)
basically the only decisions we have to make are; what time should we get out of bed? & what movie should we go see tonight?

 we'll be heading for idaho in a couple of days.
i had christmas in brasil last year. 
where i spent my time on the beach & skyping my boyfriend, who was 4,000 miles away, every other hour. it was great, but i am pretty excited for a cold/snowy idaho christmas.
in my home. with my wonderful family & my fabulous husband. 

basically, we're loving life. aren't holidays the greatest?

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  1. You are such a cheater! Jess always wants to open presents early, but I won't let him.