i'm grateful for:

my last couple days of grateful. :)

{november 21}
cold cereal.
whoever came up with this stuff was brilliant. it's always been one of my favorite things. i'm not much of a cereal eater for breakfast, mostly just for snacks. preferrably midnight snacks. 
every sunday that we go up to sandy (which is every week lately) my mother in law lets us take home a box of cereal & a gallon of milk (and she has the good stuff, that we're too cheap to splurge on) it keeps us happy...thanks lisa. :)

{november 22}
mine has been broken for the last couple weeks. i did NOT realize how much i depend on this little guy. to heat up leftovers, make my hot chocolate & pop my favorite microwave popcorn.
(yes, i have been without popcorn & hot chocolate for like a week. didn't think it was possible.)

{november 23}
my dad.
i often times find myself thinking about how much i hate that i don't see/talk to my dad very often. he's a busy man down there in south america. barely has time to eat/sleep from what i hear. but every time i start feeling sorry for myself about how much i miss my dad, i remember the conversation i had with a family in our ward in brasil. they spent a whole car ride telling us how grateful they are for my dad. that he is the best bishop they've EVER seen. and works so hard to help everyone else, while hardly doing things for himself. they got emotional while telling us this, which of course makes me cry every time i think about it.
he is such a hard worker & i am so thankful for the changes he is making in so many lives, because of his hard work and dedication to being a good bishop.
dad, thanks for being such a great dad!

{november 24}
my extended family.
they make the holidays/facebook/blogging so much more fun.

{november 25}
grandma & grandpa coltrin.
today is this guys birthday. he is one of my favorite people.
 i laugh out loud every time i talk to him. which is pretty often.
 we have a good chat on the phone about once every couple of weeks. my favorite thing is when he answers the phone, after saying "hi grandpa, it's macey" he'll say "HIYA!" and i can hear the smile on his lips. and when i ask him how he's doing, he'll say "better now that i'm talking to you."
whenever i visit he wants to hear every story i have to tell. whether it's about the funny things the kids i nanny say, or me rambling off about some new thing i learned about nutrition. he's always genuinely interested, and i can see how proud he is of me in his eyes.
i'm sure lucky to have a grandpa like him.

and then there's grandma:
she's also been known to keep us all giggling with the funny things she says.  even though my family is 4000 miles away, i've never been without 3 meals a day, a warm bed, or someone to sit with at my home ward when i've made visits to burley, idaho. and i'm so thankful for that. she also lets me know whenever they're coming down to salt lake, and wants to take me & brian out to dinner. i know there's not a thing she wouldn't do for me. or anyone else for that matter. she cares for everyone else waaay more than herself.
thanks for all you do for me grandma. :)

{november 26}
we went snowboarding today, and i was overwhelmed with the beautiful canyon on the ride up, and the snow-covered mountains that i could see all around me from the ski-lift. i feel like i appreciate nature, but not near enough. today i had one of those days where i really did. and it made me wish it happened more often.

{november 27}
christmas music.
j biebs & michael buble are keeping me pretty happy lately.

{november 28}
elder jones.
this boy is an awesome missionary. and he hasn't even been one for very long. he's in a pretty tough mission, but would any of us ever believe that by reading his emails? no. he rocks it.
i also have yet to hear him complain about the language. apparently learning a new language isn't hard for him like it is the rest of the world. what a champ.
sure miss you davey j.

{november 29}
the small&simple things.
like scripture study & prayer everyday.
and going to the temple as often as we can.
they keep us happy. & make life great.

"the simple things will make us great."
-my stake president. :)

{november 30}
my savior &
the gospel.
 i've been so overwhelmed lately with how {not perfect} & {unimportant} i am.
not overwhelmed like i'm having self esteem issues. 
overwhelmed with the fact that i'm really not, but at the same time i really am.

we all have those thoughts right? those days that make us feel terrible about ourselves, because we didn't try hard enough & we aren't good enough.
but thanks to my knowledge of the gospel i know that
 not being perfect, but {striving for perfection} is enough. & that even if i don't always feel it, i am {important} so very important.

the fact that we're trying is enough.
because we try, and then mess up. 
but it's okay because thanks to our savior we can keep trying.

and that makes us important.

didn't make any sense? fine. read this: you matter to him.  

words to live by.


  1. Ah, Mace, you are such a good blogger! Where did you come from? Love you tons....Mom

  2. this post is so lovely. DEFINITELY thankful for the microwave, my extended family, nature, and christmas music. especially the christmas stations that play christmas music NON STOP! adore!!
    xo TJ

  3. Mace you are so thoughtful and we love reading your blog! Thanks for inspiring me today to be better! We miss you and Bri and hope to see you sometime over the Christmas holiday. Love ya!