flashback friday

back  in the olden days, my favorite part about easter was getting a new easter dress.
my mom would shop with me until i found something i love. (which wasn't easy) every year. 
bless her heart.

she even got me exactly what i wanted this year. (which turns out, wasn't a dress..because i couldn't find one that i love.) thanks mom! :)

i found this gem in my old pictures.
my twin brother, matt, and i dressed in our sunday best on easter.

and then i found these....
i remember that bow, and that day....
 and i remember i did not want him to kiss me.

thankfully, i now have a little bit better grasp of the whole easter thing. and it is one of my favorite days of the year. i thought i'd share one of my all time favorite talks. which was given on easter. it is something that everyone should read & think about this weekend.

jeffrey r. holland
None Were with Him

happy easter.


  1. Ok...You kids were cute! Mom says it just seems like yesterday when you were that size! -Mal

  2. Hahahaha :P Mace, this makes me happy. I remember having a few of those family pictures...