over here

just a little of what we've been up to over here. school is in full swing. we set a personal record for money spent on books and are officially broke. but we're still smiling. we're pretty grateful we have the opportunity to go to such an awesome school & are able to pay for all the things we need. so blessed.

of course we had to take a first day of school picture. so maybe brian's was taken after he got back from class in the afternoon. class at 7 am is rough. (i did wake up to make him breakfast though, but that's only first day of school treatment.) but yes, i made him change into the clothes he wore to school-he was in his church clothes for work. the lengths i will go to to get a picture, & the lengths he will go to to make me  happy. love him.
speaking of 7am class. his is killing him. (so maybe his wife is a night owl) i can seriously count on 2 fingers the naps i've seen this boy take since we've been married. counting this one.

labor day was a blessing sent straight from heaven. having a monday off is the best thing that can happen to a college student. we had an awesome day. started with a lift ride up sundance & a hike to stewart falls & ended with a BBQ with some of the cousins & a late night movie. 
we hiked up with my cousin erin & her family. (aren't those little boys the cutest things you've ever seen?) & we ran into brian's cousin/best friend clark. they are so much alike, & of course they were just wearing practically the same thing.

brian keeps me sane by taking me out on a date every weekend. [& sometimes weeknights too] :) bless his heart. we've decided we need to expand our horizons when it comes to eating out. (we go to our favorite places over & over) we discovered an awesome little chinese place that is right across the road from our apt. & we loved it.
and then there's cold stone. we're pretty well aquainted with that place. :)

mostly, we're loving all the things school+fall has to bring. im loving not having to work every. single. night. anymore & brian is loving football season. 
here we are at the first game. byu vs. washington state. we killed them. but it was still fun. 
im also looking forward to scarves & boots. soup everyday. pumpkins & corn mazes. & leaves all over campus. fall is easily my favorite season. only wish it lasted a bit longer.

**don't be jealous of my photography skills. all blurry/not good quality photos brought to you by my iphone. i will have a nice camera someday. :) until then, this is as good as it's gonna get! 


  1. Mace i am loving your dark hair! You're gorgeous! Glad school and life is treating you well! Good luck this semester! Miss ya friend!

  2. Oh Mace you are making me miss Utah fall so much! I only wish I could start wearing boots and make soup...maybe if I'm lucky in December. You look so cute in all the pics!

  3. It's the best when I've already seen all these pictures but i like seeing them a second time and reading your blog! Love Ya -Mal

  4. cute post! although i wish i had the fall season to look forward to...

  5. I had a 7am class one semester. Never did it again. And I'm a morning person. We're actually getting some fall weather back here so I'm not completely jealous. You guys are adorable!

  6. Loving the new hair color! I always made Eric take 1st day of school photos and he thought I was a dork. Glad you do it too.