a funny story

when i am working AND in school my wifey duties tend to take the back seat. the first year we were married i rocked at the grocery shopping, did it every week. i cooked brian three meals a day & our house was so clean i was convinced i had some sort of OCD. laundry was done once a week. always. oh, and i even made the bed everyday...whaaat?
(take note: i wasn't in school)
fast forward to now. i make the bed once a week (sundays) i never grocery shop once a week, brian gets lucky if there is even anything in the cupboards for him to make himself, & our poor house gets picked up just because i can't stand clutter, but i usually don't give it a good scrubbin until it's so filthy i can't even live in it anymore.
and if only you could see the state my closet is currently in. too many dirty clothes. i'm just praying i have enough clean clothes to get me through finals week. 
i wish i was exaggerating.
i'm not proud of my actions. in fact, i find myself apologizing to brian like seven times a day "for being the worst wife." thank goodness he's the sweetest & doesn't ever get mad.

so last week he told me he knew i was super stressed and so he was going to do the grocery shopping & cook dinner for the week. (i knew i married him for a reason. what a gem) i was on campus all day, the day he went to get groceries, but he posted the picture below on instagram with the caption "a weeks worth of groceries for under $27."

i couldn't believe it. i can barely stay under my 40 dollar a week budget. i was seriously impressed.

until i got home and started looking through the goods...he bought a few bags of chips. some cold cereal. chicken. fruit....and a $10 box of garbage bags. things just weren't adding up.

after rifling through the garbage to find the receipt we discovered that at least half of the stuff (& somehow it was all the expensive stuff) didn't ring up at all.
when i asked brian if he was suspicious at all at why it was so cheap he just said:
"no i wasn't suspicious! i was excited!"

why doesn't that ever happen to ME when i go to wal-mart?

lesson learned. always read your receipt. 

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  1. haha, i can just see rbi saying, "no, i wasn't suspicious! i was excited!" also, cute blog header sias!