hospital + visitors

We stayed in the hospital until Friday (for 48 hours) and had lots of fun visitors. We feel pretty lucky to have so many people that love our little navy. 
^^Marg & Rach.
^^Becca & Stef.
^^Cory & McCall.
^^Morgan, Malorie & Kirstin.
^^Uncle Dave.
^^These three are always fighting to hold her. :)
^^Drew flew in from Oakland to meet Navy.
^^All ready to go home.
(i actually wasn't really ready-i could have stayed at the hospital & let them take care of me for another week. we loooooved our hospital stay & everyone who helped us)
Thank goodness for that binky. She didn't love the car seat the first time we  put her in to head home.

^^home sweet home with our little babe.

We had a few more visitors the first few days. My brother, sister-in-law and cute nieces came from Idaho to meet Navy. I only got a picture with Avery because Jane was sick. :( She was pretty distraught that she couldn't hold her.
^^Skye & Fletcher. 
^^Uncle Matt.
^^Great Grandpa & Grandma Peterson.
^^Paige & Alex.
^^Zane, Nora & Sarah--I used to nanny these hooligans. They were in love.

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