Memorial Day

We go to burley every year for memorial day because for as long as I can remember my grandparents have a picnic with my grandpa's siblings and all of their kids. They have since stopped doing the picnic with the whole extended family and we just do a little picnic with our family. I love this tradition because it always gives us an excuse to go up to idaho on the three day weekend-and I especially enjoy going up there since my parents have moved and we don't get to go up and see everyone as often as we used to.

We left friday evening after Brian got done with school. Drew came home for the week because he just finished his third year of med school and had a week before he needed to be in Texas for his next rotation-so it was fun to spend time with him. He drove up with us since my parents couldn't come until Sunday night.  We didn't get up there until later on in the evening. When we pulled in to my grandparents around 8 my nieces ran over screaming because they were so excited to see us. It's always the cutest thing they do. We sure love those two little girls. We spent the night just visiting with my grandma and grandpa
^^car ride to idaho. she'll sleep as long as she can hold mamas hand.

Saturday  morning I wanted to get a run in. I was all ready to go when Avery decided she wanted to go with me. "I can run really fast." I talked her into just riding in the stroller, but of course that meant Jane had to come too. :) It was a little bit harder than pushing just Navy--or maybe it was just that Idaho wind that made it hard. Yuck. Either way, we had fun.
The boys spent Saturday morning golfing. Of course. Then we had a bbq with at Spencer & Mckell's house. Where no pictures were taken. oops.

I always love going to my home ward. I was especially excited to take Navy--and she was a big hit. 
^^i had some cute little helpers while getting navy ready for church.
sundays are the best with family. there never is really anything going on-so you just get to hang out and enjoy each others company. 
^^nave is pretty popular.

Memorial Day started with another run with my mom. She is the best running buddy-and time always goes by so much faster when you have someone to talk to. Then we went and visited some relatives graves, followed by a picnic. Before we all headed back home we went out to dinner and then to the park to play some bocce ball. 
^^this is right after avery said: "jane...navy looks like a present. except with arms and legs and clothes...and not a square."

^^It's always the best when the whole family gets together!

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  1. Your run counted for at least twice pushing the stroller with two little girls in it! Very impressive. And you are so right about visiting your home ward. We love it when kids who grew up here come for a visit with their new spouses, and then new babies. They don't call it a ward family for nothing!