7 Month Old Navy

And just like that another month has come and gone. This last month was probably the funnest month of our summer. I feel like we jam packed all that we could fit in. And once again took Navy alllll over the place. But as always, she couldn't have been any better :) 

A few Navy things from this month: 

-She has started doing the open mouth kisses. Whenever I pucker up and make a "mmmmm" noise like i'm going to kiss her she'll open her mouth and lean in (if she's not too distracted.) I love it. 

-I feel like when she talks its because she is trying to say something to me. Before she would just babble for no reason (which she still does sometimes, of course) but lots of times she'll look at me and talk like she's trying to say something-it's so funny.

-She has figured out she can see us through the mirror in the car. (we have one of those little mirrors that goes on the seat so we can see her.) I have never seen her smile so big as when I turn around and talk to her while we're driving. She LOVES it.

-She will sit on my lap for a really long time if I read her books. She'll still sometimes try to eat them-but not as much as she used to. :) And she likes to help me turn the page. :)

-I've started to notice how hard church is going to be with a little person. Up until now she has been really easy. She would eat, sleep and just be a little angel the whole three hours. But now church is right during nap time. So she gets tired after about a half hour and we spend the rest of the time trying to get her to fall asleep. (not as easy as it used to be.) She still will eventually fall asleep most of the time, but usually only stays asleep for about 20 minutes. She is still pretty good, but no baby acts like themselves when they are tired.  One thing I love that she does during relief society when she's sitting on my lap is turn around every 30 seconds or so to see if i'm still there. She waits for me to give her a kiss-then she turns back around until it's time to do it all over again. 

-I think our favorite thing as of late has been her headstand/downward dog yoga pose that she does. It killlllsss us & I don't think we will ever get tired of how funny it is. We aren't really sure why she does it, because it doesn't help her to move at all. Lately she gets up there and holds it for a long time and just giggles-like she knows it's funny. It is so dang cute. Just the last couple of days she has been getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Heaven help me-I am NOT ready for her to be mobile yet. (or ever for that matter)

-She does this cutest little fake cough thing. She just coughs once or twice and it's so high pitched. At first I thought maybe she was getting a cold and she was coughing-but she's been doing it for a couple weeks now, and she's definitely not sick. It's almost like she does it because she likes the sound of it, or because she's trying to clear her throat or something. 

-She is still eating like a mad woman--and she suddenly goes a lot longer between nursing sessions. We did have a little hiccup along the way of weird bowel movements that we had to figure out.  We think the preservatives in baby food that you just buy (which is what i have been feeding her) bug her. So we're currently trying to figure that out-and have been just doing rice cereal and nursing to see if it helps at all. It's been kind of annoying because all she wants to do is eat food, but we're taking it one day at a time to make sure she it doesn't bug her again. So fun.

-Still an avid thumb sucker. She still usually just does it when she's in bed or starts getting tired. But i've noticed her doing it a little more often lately-which i'm not a huge fan of. But oh well, it's cute. 

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  1. What a fun phase of baby-hood! It brings back such happy memories of my own kids babbling away with a conversation cadence, as if we were really conversing, and reading time. I love the down dog thing! Such a cutie!