For the last couple of years we have sort of been halloween haters. There isn't much to do on halloween when you're a newly married couple without kids. And i feel like you either have to spend a ton of money on a costume, or a ton of time, or both. And i'm not up for either of that. So we would usually skip the dressing up part + do something completely un-haloweeny on halloween. (last year we went golfing) :) But I have to admit this year has been a lot of fun with Navy. Granted, she's still too young to know what's going on, but it's all about starting traditions for the future-right?

We went to our ward trunk-or-treat the week before halloween. We went back and forth on dressing up. We thought, well hey, we're dressing up our kid-which means we don't need to dress up, right? Well ultimately we decided not to be party poopers. & Brian thought of a super easy/cheap way we could dress up and make it a coordinating family thing. So the three blind mice it was. Navy was killing it in her glasses. & she didn't pull them off if we kept her distracted. :) We also won third place in the chili cook off (Brian's mom has a mean chili recipe!) It was a fun night.

Halloween day Brian left school a little early (hallelujah!) & we headed over to my dad's company's halloween shin dig. We had some soup for lunch & then everyone in the office had candy that the little ones could go around and trick or treat to. My dad mostly just had fun showing off his grandbaby. :)

Then We headed up to Sandy for the rest of the night to have dinner with family & then to trick-or-treat with cousins in Brian's old neighborhood. We weren't really planning on taking Navy around, but Lisa's friends really wanted us to bring her by so they could see her in her costume. So we ended up walking around the neighborhood and stopping at a few houses here and there. Gary carried Navy the whole time and she was loving life. It was the PERFECT night-not one bit cold. And it was fun to walk around the neighborhood and see all the kids running from house to house-it was a pretty perfect first halloween for our little lady. 

^^navy was so creeped out by matt. & this picture is hilarious because she's got her eye on him--looking to make sure he's not too close.

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  1. Love the 3 blind mice, and Navy peeking over at Matt to make sure he wasn't too close. So adorable!