Park City Weekend w/ the Earls.

We spent a weekend up in park city with one of my besties, Allie & her husband + two other couples. They had a hookup and we stayed in a penthouse sweet. There were 4 master suites--so we each had our own huge room--our room had a kitchen, just in case we needed a midnight snack :) Oh, and I don't think Brian will ever stop talking about the amazing steam shower. Pretty sure he took 6 showers over the weekend. We had so much fun catching up & staying up way past our bedtimes. We put the babies down to bed and played games + spent a few hours in the hot tub every night. We also probably gained 5 lbs with how much we ate. But it was worth it. :)

Saturday the girls spent the day shopping, while the boys went to a matinee. 
^^Nora is a year older than Navy. But if Allie & I have anything do say about it, they will be besties oneday. :)
^^Saturday night a few more of our friends came up for dinner + some games. We ate on main street & of course we had to snap a picture. 
^^We love the weekends because we get to see this guy for more than a couple of hours a day! (but navy was not about to crack a smile)

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  1. SO. MUCH. FUN!!! I'm glad you guys were able to spend time together, and with friends. The best!