Navy's Birthday

We had a fun day with our little family of three on Navy's birthday--since we were celebrating her birthday with family & friends a couple of days later, I wasn't going to do much on her actual birthday, but as it got closer I felt bad just thinking it was going to be a normal day & I couldn't help myself, so I tried to make it special.

Brian has class later on Thursdays so we had time to have breakfast together before he left. We put a candle on Navy's pancakes & sang happy birthday to her. She wasn't sure what to think. (She really just wanted to touch the flame.)

I sent random pictures all day to Brian to show him what the birthday girl was up to. :) When he finally got home we let Nave open up one of her presents & then headed out to dinner. Since she eats so much these days we decided to get her her own bowl of pasta from the kids menu (since we didn't want her eating all of our food!) & she ate pretty much the whole thing plus a few breadsticks. That girl is a bottomless pit! 

We ended the night at cold stone for some birthday ice cream (and because Brian loves it.) 
I was so glad we decided to celebrate with just us--and was thankful Navy wasn't super grumpy from teething that day, which hadn't happened in a while! We are just so thankful for her sweet little spirit in our lives. 

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