16 month old Nave.

I wanted to do a 15 month post about my little Nave, but here we are at 16 months-so i'll just add everything she's learned during the last month too (which is a lot!)

I can't believe how much this girl has grown since turning one. I really think she's changed/learned the most in the last 4 months. A few cute things she does that I want to remember: 

At her 15 months appointment she weighed: 

-I weaned her from nursing about a month after her first birthday. (February 18 before bed was the last time I nursed her) It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, (just hard in the sense that i felt like i was losing my baby) but we were both ready. She didn't miss it at all and never tried to nurse after I weaned. I went cold turkey from feeding her morning and night to not at all--and ouch. (but that's more about me than her...ha)

-She loves to hold your hand while driving in the car. Usually when she's tired & always at night time. She's been doing this for a couple of months now, and even though it's kind of hard to twist my arm back there--i love it.

-Finally learned how to blow kisses. But gets it confused with 'thank you' in sign language since they are similar. So basically she does the same thing for both, and who knows what she thinks it means. :)

-Says 'more' and 'please' in sigh language. Sometimes she  is pretty frantic when she is saying please and just rubs her belly with both hands as fast as she can.

-She still doesn't say very many words. At her 15 month appointment they asked me if she was saying 4-6 words, and i said 'yes, but barely.' Her favorite word is "ya." That was basically her first word after mom and dad and she says it to everything you ask her. She has called Brian "bri" for the last couple of months. Usually just when she is walking around the apartment looking for him. She started calling me "Mace" this last month. At first I thought there was no way she was saying it, but after a few days there was no denying it. I thought it was so funny. Now she still calls me "may" sometimes, but calls me "maaaam" a lot too. And just in the past couple of days she's said a few more words, like shoes, and cheese. I know she can say them, but she's too busy speaking her own baby language to care.

-Has 6 teeth. 4 on top and two on bottom & is currently teething again--i'm praying they come in quick. Her teeth are huge (thanks dad), but so cute, I love them.

-She is still pretty entertained with just walking around the house. She's a pacer and will just walk back and forth while she's chatting (usually while holding something-her favorite thing to be holding while walking around is an article of clothing she just picks up out of her dirty clothes hamper) She also walks laps around upstairs (we have two doors in our bathroom and she does circles through our bedroom and hallway into the bathroom and out again all day...)

-You have to talk her into getting into the bath, because she's always too busy doing something else (usually doing laps) but once she's in she never wants to get out. Even after the water turns really cold, or even if you drain all the water out. She cries basically every time it's time to get out of the bath.

-Loved stomping in puddles when it rained for a whole month in Utah. 

-Had her first night without us. She stayed with my mom while we had a weekend away and she didn't miss us one bit.

-Just recently has started really loving playing with her toys (hallelujah) & loves her baby doll lately. especially pushing her around in her stroller.

-Learned to walk up and down the stairs standing up. She just holds onto the wall at our house and especially loves both grandma's houses because they have the rods she can hold on to easier. (it's still terrifying to me-but she has yet to fall down)

-Her favorite food is hands down grapes. She's always loved them, but lately she asks for them anytime she sees the fridge, & at every meal. and this mama can't say no EVERYYTIME. i love them too, so we always have them, i guess it's my fault. (but it could be worse, right?)

-She loves hearing me say all of the animal sounds (but doesn't repeat them, of course) 

-She is super into books lately and I love that she will get them off the shelf and bring them to me to read to her. We read a lot of books & I'm getting better at dropping anything i'm doing for some snuggles and books with her.

-I'm having a hard time telling if she's shy or totally not. Some days she'll talk a random strangers ear off if they say hi to her, but other days she won't even look at other people who stop to look at her. I think for the most part the shyness is the age she is in, but it will be interesting to see. We feel bad leaving her with babysitters (even my close friends) because she just doesn't do super well if she doesn't know them really well. But if we leave her with grandma & grandpa (or her aunts) she doesn't even notice we are gone. I guess I should be grateful both grandma's are so close.

a few pictures i took while at the Dr for her 15 month checkup.
^^after i undressed her she kept asking me to put everything back on.

^^gotta love the flavored stick.
^^she really hated the nurse and doctor--this is post all the tears.

We went to the park for a little picnic to make her feel better.

And here she is at 16 months:

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  1. I love these milestone updates! She is such a cutie pie. Can't wait to spend more time with her, and you guys, in a few weeks!