SLC Staycation.

Brian and I decided to have a little weekend to ourselves. It was much needed since we felt like we hadn't seen much of each other since school has been so busy. So, a few weekends after school ended for the summer we dropped off navy at grandma's and had a little staycation in Sat Lake.

My parents gave us a one night stay at Anniversary in for Christmas--so we decided to use that. We're pretty cheap (& poor college students!) and we've never actually paid to stay at a place since we've been married--(and we technically didn't pay for this either) but it was fun to just have a night alone together without our babe.

We spent the night at dinner and then did a little shopping at City Creek. We headed back to the hotel for some movies + room service. The next day we went to a matinee and did a little more shopping. (we always choose to go to a movie when Navy isn't with us--because we LOVE going to movies and don't get the chance as much as we used to.)

When we picked up Nave she was excited to see us, but we could have left for another couple of days and she could have cared less--she really didn't miss us at all, which made me so happy. grandma & aunt mal are way more fun than mom and dad apparently.
"bye mace!" like i said, she couldn't have cared less we were leaving.
^^breakfast in bed.
^^we had to have lunch at Hires while we were in town. because we're obsessed.
^^snapshot of us trying on shoes at the vans store--we both got some new sneaks.

After picking up Nave we went to Mal's soccer game. It was freezing, but navy's cheesy smile was out.

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