[I wrote this the day i got a positive pregnancy test. :)]
Today I found out we are expecting baby #2!! I wasn't planning on taking a test for a couple of more days, but then I got too anxious and decided if I was pregnant-it would probably show up today. So after Bri left for school & navy was eating breakfast I took a test and waited. And I was honestly pretty shocked to see "pregnant." I knew that the chances were pretty high & I actually had a few pregnancy symptoms, but it's always crazy to actually see it. (And let's be honest--I'm not 100% convinced until I hear a heartbeat at that first doc appointment) :)

The whole day while Navy and I were out running errands I couldn't stop thinking that she looked so big. My little toddler. Probably because as of today there is a new baby in our family. She will seriously be the best big sister.

I waited until that night to tell Brian. I told him I didn't have time to go grocery shopping & asked him if we could go out for dinner/FHE. He quickly decided that was a great idea--so we went to happy sumo for some sushi. (oops, I promise I only ate the cooked kind)  While we were there I told him we were also "celebrating" that night and pulled out my positive test! The first thing he said was "Navy! You're going to be a big sister!" We had a fun night talking timing/logistics of a new baby, and I loved how excited he was. 

Exciting times for our little family!
 she insisted on carrying my bag all around after shopping that day. & she just looked so huge to me, but probably just because i was imagining her as a big sis!
^^look at those smiles. (navy's kills me) :)

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  1. Nothing turns your toddler into a big girl like a new baby on the way. She is so ready for her new role. :D