We found out the gender of baby number 2 today! My ultrasound appointment was at 9:30--so Brian told work he was going to be coming in a little bit late and we all went to see what baby would be!

I had no idea what to expect--I sort of was hoping for a girl (I mean, two girls less than 2 years apart...built in best friend!) but also would have been ecstatic for a bit! (Still no boys on my side of the family--so I'm pretty sure my whole family was wishing for a boy.) 

Brian wouldn't tell me what he thought it was going to be (I think he thought he would jinx it) but I think he was hoping for a boy. I asked him if he would be disappointed if it wasn't a boy, and he said not at all. 

We started the ultrasound and he checked EVERYTHING before we even talked about gender. It took about 15 minutes & then he said "it's definitely a girl!" I was so excited and not too surprised--bri was a little shocked, and a little bummed. Ha, girl dad for life. 

And navy of course has no clue what's going on. But she does say "sissy" sometimes when we ask her. And points to her belly when we ask her where baby sister is. Baby steps. Ha.

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