may Idaho visit

 my mom & dad go up to idaho fairly often to visit their parents + grandkids, or to get my mom's hair done, or for a business meeting. we like to take advantage of the short trip (usually less than 48 hours!) and love seeing everyone, so we hop in with them every so often and it's always well worth our time.
you know it's going to be a good visit when it starts out with taco b.

we stopped in to say hi to my grandpa jones-they weren't home right when we got there, so we played outside for a little bit while we waited. it was right when the sun was setting and it was beautiful.

& the best part about idaho-- is lots of cousin time!

 my mom gave my grandma & grandpa matching byu sweatshirts for mothers & fathers day. i thought they looked so cute!

navy is obsessed with school buses. we left in the morning around 8 so we dropped Avery off at school on our way--and navy saw a school bus and wouldn't stop talking about it. So of course grandpa jones pulled over so that navy could get on it. 
 ^^and this cute baby is the best little road tripper!

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  1. Your grandpa and grandma are the cutest! And cousin time is the best!