it comes with the territory

well...here i am. doing what you do when you get married. start a married blog. i almost hate that i'm doing it..i was pretty fond of my old one...but my sweet husband wanted "our blog" not "your blog" (like he's ever going to post anything). but i guess it {is} understandable.

 since we first started dating (and i realized i wanted to marry this boy) i tried my hardest to write down all the great things that happened ....but not much of it actually got written down. which i'm kicking myself for. so {this} is going to be how i document the beginning of our married life. and hopefully it'll be motivation to take more pictures/post more...and become a much better blogger. like my sister in law said...."it comes with the territory."

married life has been so great so far. too much has happened to give you every detail... here are a few things that i'd like to remember....

the night my sweet husband....(and favorite cousin's husband) stayed up until 2 a.m. putting together our dining room table....(it was cheap...which was probably why it was a nightmare to put together) becca and i sat on the couch giving encouraging words (there weren't enough tools for 4 to work) and they worked for hoursssss. it might not be a happy memory to him...but it made me love him more. :)

 the day i came home from the grocery store with cottage cheese and ritz crackers...2 of brians favorite things....(not together)...and him kissing me a million times for it. (pretty easy to please....ehh?)

the process of making our tiny apartment look somewhat like a home...(okay...i didn't love the process...but i loved that it's all done) but most of all i love that brian, when asked, always tells me he likes whatever i've done. (like when i put a frillly pillow on the bed...or tie a cutsey bow around something) obviously he doesn't like it...but he smiles and says..."whatever makes you happy honey."

the days that we decide to ignore the million things we have on our to-do lists(which for some reason is always huge)...and just spend time with each other.

the mornings i have to wake up early to go to work. (i struggle with early mornings) and brian tells me he'll go with me...(which makes it ten times more fun for me)...he could easily just sleep in a few extra hours....but he's the best husband. :)

i love that brian always always tells me how much he appreciates me after cooking him a pretty great meal (or a pretty not so great meal...) everytime. without fail.

the time we decided to spend most of our gift card money from wal-mart on movies...instead of things we probably need. we're so responsible. :) [oh, we did buy sleeping bags too]

the time brian figured out how to get the internet to work after 20 minutes....(our neighbors had been trying to figure it out for weeks...) smarty pants.

when we went to church for the first time. we had a "new members" meeting during sunday school. there were about 5 new couples...and the bishopric, relief society presidency..elders quorum presidency...you get the idea. so i was supposed to introduce us...and brian, give a spiritual thought. but after i said we were the peterson's "macey and brian peterson" like 4 different boys in the room had to let them know that they knew him....or knew his older brothers...or remembered him from playing soccer...etc etc. happens everywhere we go..guess i should get used to it.

brian will always go running with me if i suggest it.....(not that it happens that often) but he's always up for most of my great ideas. him running at my slow pace with me has happened a few times lately. bless his heart. but i love it, because lately i haven't had enough motivation to go alone.

brian always, always drives. which im so grateful for. we've been everywhere the last couple of weeks....and even if he's dead tired...he'll still drive. just because he knows i want to read my book...or take a nap. ugh..i'm starting to feel guilty.

sometimes we are just plain lazy. we could lay on the couch and cuddle/watch movies/read books all day long. sometimes we do. our excuse is..."we're newlyweds." well...and it's summer.  :)

the other night all the teachers at the MTC were having a soccer tournament. So i went to watch brian play. he scored a goal in like the first 3 minutes of the game. right after he looked over at me grinning....and said "DID YOU SEE THAT WIFE??" haha. it was the cutest thing.

those are just a few of the things i've loved lately....about brian...and being married to him.

*i know posts with pictures are no fun. but there will be plenty of pictures to come. trust me.


  1. You're cute. Love these little things. Now you're making me wish I had written things like that down when they happened... Guess its never too late.

  2. Macey I am so glad that I found your new blog post Love, Kristi

  3. You have motivated to be a better blogger ( we'll see if that really happens).
    I'm with Lis and wish that I would have written things down. Good thing the fun time continue.:) Oh by the way Addi informed me that you are her favorite cousin. She was a little concerned that she would never see you again when were back in California. You are loved here in Cali by a curly hair gal.

  4. Love Love Love it! Husbands are truly the best! I'm so happy for you guys and that we finally have married friends:)

  5. macey you two kill me! seriously this is just pure happiness... love you guys :)

  6. I think a married blog is a great idea. Before you know it you will be blogging about your kids. And then your grandkids. It will happen fast. Promise.

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