little dave.

we said goodbye to this boy this morning:
he's off to the mtc for a couple of months. and then Romania in november. 
even though we've called him little dave for as long as i can remember, he's not really so little anymore. but today we decided we can keep calling him that....he's the little brother:)

one thing is for sure. dave is going to be one heck of a missionary.
 i'll miss you brother.


  1. He will be an amazing missionary. You got some pretty sweet pictures, especially the ones of your parents with Davis! Brought a tear to my eye.

  2. He doesn't look so little anymore. What a handsome guy. I was looking at your pictures and Davis reminds me a little of your Dad. I still remember waiting at the airport to pick up your Dad from his mission. I must have been five :) Crazy right! I knew your Dad before you did :)

  3. These pictures made me cry. (I don't need much of an excuse lately.) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Macey your brother will be such a great missionary I loved all of the missionary pictures on your last blog you got some pretty sweet pictures especially the ones of your parents with your little brother are so sweet I did not know he has left already for his mission until I read your last blog Love, Kristi