nights like these.

it's starting to hit me that summer is almost over.
which means summer nights are almost over.
and i'm so not ready for that.

tonight consisted of:
with this cute boy.
and our friends jordan and rach.
if you're not sure what kanjam is...get on it. it will change your life.

then we helped greg (the brother in law) move into his apartment. and took a little walk down memory lane. he's living in the apartments that both brian and i lived in our freshman year. it was so weird to walk around and be there again. i miss those days.
we're excited that greg will be just up the road.

then we topped our night off with a little cold stone
that would be my ice cream on the left. pretty sure brian finished his faster than i did.
eating like it's the end of the world is one of his many talents.

don't get me wrong, i'm ready for school to start, and to have a little more structured schedule. but i'm banking on it being warm until at least the end of october.
a girl can dream.

also, guess who got wedding pictures back today? yes, stay tuned. they'll be coming soon!


  1. Ya, for wedding pics. I can't wait :)

  2. Macey & Brian I love to read your blog also I loved all of your pictures what were you guys doing in your funny looking pictures you guys are so silly Ya, for some wedding pictures I can't wait to see them Love, Kristi Jones