good grief.

today it happened. my first cooking disaster. (okay, not completely true, but the first one to ruffle my feathers.)

first of all, let me share a little story. my family has a maid in brasil. (or a secretary of the house...is what they like to call them) she helps with the cooking/cleaning. etc. so one night (last week when we were there to visit) we sit down to dinner and my mom says. "i'm a little worried about this meatloaf...tania has never made it before." we all assured her it would be fine. i mean, it looked good and it ended up tasting great. someone said something about how good it was, and my mom said. " i don't know why i was worried. even if you try you can't really mess up meat loaf."

yep, you guessed it. i messed up meatloaf.

i was super excited about this recipe i found online..and i'm 100% positive i did exactly what it said. but it came out looking like a cow pie....and the sauce wasn't exactly right. (it turned all goooey and weird) i usually don't get too upset when i mess something up in the kitchen. but this was sunday dinner. and brian was really hungry. he claims it tasted "fine" but he was just being nice. i'm still convinced it was my oven's fault. oh well....i'm sure you all remember the days. it gets better, right?

brian did the dishes to make me feel better. what an angel.

happy sunday! :)


  1. I have never had meatloaf before I loved your little story about meatloaf it was so cute how you wrote it it made me laugh Love, Kristi Jones

  2. It was your oven... definitely your oven :)

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  5. Ok ok, so you'll see there are 2 deleted comments by me. I accidentally wrote something inappropriate, I was typing too fast and didn't proof read. Then tried to back track and cover it up... but it sounded stupid. Now I'm thinking I should just re-write what I originally posted so you can get a laugh. But I'm pretty sure everyone else will be offended.

    ANYWAY, what I wanted to say was don't start with meatloaf. It is so fun to try new recipes and find the ones you can really master. But don't start with meatloaf. Oh welp, you already did.

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