wedding chapter two: groomals.

we took these about a month before our wedding day.  and had a blast.
brian is so much better at taking pictures than i am. he's so animated and doesn't get sick of it, and he's great at posing. i just feel kind of funny, and laugh at myself. and he's mastered the serious face (the one i can't pull to save my life...i just end up cracking up.) my point is...he's very photogenic.
i chose goomals, instead of bridals, because i wasn't sure what i would do with 30 pictures of myself...
probably not hang them up in my living room.

i've got one good lookin husband. :)


  1. Brian & Macey

    I love all of your wedding pictures of you guys they look so cute of you guys I am so glad that I got to know Brian as my friend I look up to you Macey I am so glad that you are my cousin I am so glad that you guys have a blog I like to keep up with all of my cousins blogs love your cousin Kristi Jones

  2. Whatever Mace, you are totally photogenic. These pictures are fantastic, it is hard to pick a favorite. I do love the black and white ones and the love with the tennis shoes. More please.

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  4. You do have a good lookin' husband, and he's super nice too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I don't know what you are smoking... because you ARE very photogenic! Cute pics.