wedding chapter three: wedding day.

sooo happy.
{side note} brian's response when i asked him what he was doing in this picture: "You know how some athletes do that when they celebrate? Like when they win the super bowl? Well.... That was my super bowl moment."
oh, of course :)
beware, picture overload.
had to post this of my uncle shane. one of my favorite guys. :)
checkin out the new bling. :)
one of my favorite pictures of the day. 
the three peterson sister-in-laws.
i sure do love my cousins.
our wedding day was so amazing. we have so many wonderful friends and family who came to support us. we felt so loved, and so grateful. 

definitely a day i will never forget.

**the small pictures don't do most of these justice. click to enlarge. :) (especially the group one!)


  1. LOVE every single one. Makes me wish i had better pictures at my wedding.

  2. awesome! love these pics!

  3. The group picture of us giving you a cheer is....priceless. Glad I got to be there. :)

  4. GORGEOUS bride!!! i love the pics!

  5. That last picture is probolbly the best picture EVER! hahahah cute post.

    malorie :)

  6. These are so fun Mace :) I love all the hugging pictures. And Wow, Becca is short.