practically a veteran...

so, i know this is a very "newlywed" thing to do. keep track of how long we've been married. but, well..i am a newlywed.  i remember saying on our honeymoon, "oh my gosh honey, we've been married for 2 whole days." well, here's to the 2 month mark! woohoo! :)

just a few things i've learned. as a wife.

-dusting is my least favorite chore. i'm sure it's not really that bad. but living in married housing in provo means cheap a/c which means dust comes out of our vents constantly. i'm surprised i can't see an aura of fog all the time. so i dust, and then 3 hours later it looks like i haven't dusted for weeks. ugh. it's my worst nightmare.
-how to squeeze out toothpaste. apparently i used to do it wrong. brian and i each had our own tube of toothpaste for the first couple of weeks. but then i tried his, and love it ten times better than mine. so i practiced.. became a pro toothpaste squeezer-outer, and brian doesn't mind sharing anymore. :)
-i've been sleeping on reaaallly crappy beds the past 3 years. 
-brian hates choosing what's for dinner more than i do. really, he has no opinion in the matter at all. even when i give him options. "would you rather have, tacos, lasagna, hamburgers, chicken, etc etc etc??" he just says, with a big smile on his face, all of those sound good.
and it's hard. because i'm the most indecisive person on the planet.
-it's okay to go to bed with dishes in the sink...sometimes. :)
-we  get along much better if we pray and read together everyday. the difference is seriously amazing to me. i love brian's insights on the scriptures. he's such a smarty pants. :)
-we can never have a discussion if we're really hungry. i get grumpy when i'm hungry...but brian is like a different person. ;) but seriously, i can't even tell you how many times we've been irritated/arguing and i say "honey, are you hungry?" the answer's always yes. and afterward is so much better. we can discuss anything/probably solve any problem in the world....
-carry tylenol in your purse. always. i'm the one that relies on everyone else for this. (my mom, my roommates...etc) well, now i'm my own self, and my honey relies on me for this. i'm a livesaver all the time.
-go on a date once a week. friday nights are seriously my favorite. 
-i don't love that we, as people, feel like we have to eat three meals a day. seriously, i make one...and it's already time to whip up another...it's exhausting.
-brian is the best at taking care of me. i was sick a couple weekends ago. {my last few days in brasil} and my hubby took such good care of me. holding my hair and rubbing my back while i threw up, again and again. making sure i've got all the meds i need in my system. staying awake close to all night with me just because i'm in too much pain to sleep. waking up my dad at 3 am to help him give me a blessing.  being sick doesn't bring out the best in me. when i wasn't crying, i was grumpy. but it showed me how just how much that boy loves me. thanks honey.
-married life is sweet.

obviously i've learned a lot more. but those are just a few off the top of my head. :)


  1. I agree. Cooking is THE worst thing! And, we have to do it three times a day. And, and it makes you fat. Ugh. I say, let's just not eat! :)

  2. i just love reading your blog. it makes me miss you! glad marriage is going GREAT for you two! love ya girl!

  3. love this. i'd say you're doing really good at this married thing and have so many things firgured out already. i hate the cooking/ choosing meals thing too. you're doing good if you still cook three meals a day, your mom is good at that, i maybe make breakfast 1 or 2 times a week, cereal the rest, and wing it for lunch everyday. miss you!!

  4. I think you have become a fabulous wife....in just two months! I'm proud of you honey and so happy you have such a wonderful husband to take of you, (that's comforting when you're 4,000 miles away). Sure do love you two newly weds.