well..the first day of school posts have come and gone on everyone's blogs. i'm a little late. but better late than never right? in my defense, school has only been going for a week. here's my little engineer on his first day of school. (i can't wait until he's actually an engineer...so that calling him that will be a little bit more legitimate.)

and here's my first day of school picture. this stack of books is what i'll be doing for the semester. i deferred this semester at byu because i'm going to spend my next couple months studying up to certify to become a personal trainer. no, my lifelong dream isn't to work @ gold's gym...and train people.... BUT..certifying and having that experience for a couple of years (while i finish my degree) will help me gain the knowledge and experience i need and lead me to what i ultimately want to end up doing. i'm actually super excited to read those books. (even though i expected them to look a little more FUN, no, they just look intimidating.) they just came in the mail, so i start tomorrow. :)

currently we are enjoying our day off. there is nothing better than a monday holiday. because then your week starts on tuesday and FLIES by. i would personally love to never have mondays.
happy labor day. :)

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  1. I can't wait until I am done with school for life! But I still have a ways to go hahah. Cute post :]