me + the grocery store

remember when you were little and you'd go to the grocery store with your mom? this is how my experience would go, almost every time:

 we'd be all done with our shopping, standing in the checkout line when my mom would realize that she forgot "one thing"..."you just stand here and hold our spot in line..and i'll be RIGHT BACK!" right.....i knew she wouldn't be back for ten minutes and the lady ringing everything up would be getting all antsy and annoyed. and i'd be saying over and over again: "my mom should be here in one second...." finally, she'd fly around the corner with the "one thing" she'd forgotten...yeah, her arms would be completely full. with like 20 things.

i swore i would never do that.

well.....i broke that promise yesterday while at smiths. i originally went to get just a few things, but then it turned into my weekly shopping trip. well, of course i get to the checkout line and realize i forgot the one things i had come for.....vanilla wafers. ugh. i told the lady as she started scanning my stuff..."i'll be right back. " i'm pretty sure she was rolling her eyes as i was walking away." but seriously??? i wasn't going to buy all my stuff and then go through the checkout AGAIN.  plus, i made it back before she was even done scanning...thanks to my xc running in high school.

i have a feeling that that is going to be a regular thing. and it'll be the best when i have kids to "hold my spot." just like i did, as a good little girl, for my mom.

this next story however....better not be a regular thing....

{last week sometime} again, i was at smiths...doing my thing. and i was feeling pretty proud of myself...because i'd made a REALLY good list (i'd even categorized it into where the things were located in the store..so i could get it done SUPER fast) and i'd brought all my coupons, and was really good at staying in my budget. so... i was pushing my cart into the checkout line just beaming. after the guy finished scanning everything i grab my purse..only to find that my wallet was NOT inside of it.

i remembered my grocery list.
a pen to cross things off my grocery list.
my cell phone.
my perscription that needed refilled.
AND my coupons.

but of course, i left my wallet....AT HOME.

thank goodness the nicest old man was helping me. and there wasn't anybody behind me in line. (that NEVER happens at smiths. it's the one that every college student @ byu goes to)  so i tell the guy "the bad news is..my wallet is not in my purse, and the even worse news is that it's not in my car either...it's at home."  he just smiled at me and said back, "no worries honey..i'll hold your stuff right here...you just run home and get it." i was so grateful that he was the nicest man in the world..and that i didn't get some snobby grouchy old lady.

ten minutes later..i was back. buying my groceries..and SO thankful i didn't see anybody that i knew. (that would've been embarassing.)

when i was telling my mom this story she told me a couple of her own to make me feel better...like the time she filled up with gas and didn't have her wallet...she had to leave something (her cell phone) while she ran home and came right back...

or the time she left her wallet in a shopping cart out in the parking lot AFTER she was all done loading the groceries in her car....and didn't realize it was missing until after she was home. 10 minutes later.

like mother like daughter i guess.

thanks to my friend alisha, i know we aren't the only ones that have brain dead moments. go ahead and read her hilarious story here.

anyone got a good story to tell? lets hear it.


  1. I have so done both of those things-- a few times. The worst time was when I had all 4 kids with me and forgot my wallet at Walmart. Had to make the 20 min trek back home with kids in tow and get it and then drive back out to Walmart--I'm just glad to hear I'm not the only one :0)!

  2. Been there, done that. :)

  3. I've done both--recently. When Jess and I were first married we went grocery shopping and at the check out our debit card was declined. THAT was humiliating! I will never forget it. It's never happened since :)