more wedding. sandy open house.

we had a little photo shoot with the wedding party before the open house.
brian's "fangs" still scare me every time i look at this picture.

 four best friends.
guys, thanks for puttin up with me. :)
and the cute little sisters. 
kirstin (bri's little sis) & morg and mal
love them.

my four brothers & brian's four brothers. :)
aren't they so cool?

mitch likes to do his own thing. apparently. :)

brian and i both have a twin brother. 
they are the greatest.
this pic might be my favorite. hehe.

the peterson clan.
 my new family.
 the best in-laws a girl could ask for! :)
i love this picture.

the joneses.
my parents are the greatest.

open house.
our awesome friends.
we were all in the same singles ward last year.

pictures taken by michelle kemp. she's awesome.
 go check her out @ rustybucketphotography.


  1. love em so much bud. gorgeooooouuus.

  2. Great pics! What fun colors :) And Trae and Melissa's baby is beautiful--she may have stolen your spot light a little :)

  3. Those pics are pretty DEEZ!

    mal :)

    love you!!!!

  4. You guys can pull some pretty awesome goofy faces! those were my favorites :) Love the colors, the bridesmaid's outfits, your bouquet, etc.! Really good pictures, your photographer was amazing.

  5. those pictures of avery are so cute!