{im} wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. 
feet tucked under my hubby.
macbook open. on pinterest...
wishing it was christmas.
because i'm pinning christmasy things.

{brian} is also on his laptop. studying hard.
[well, i thought he was, but i just looked over and he gave me a guilty look...
apparently he's taking a quick study break to play a game. :)]
he's loving life because we're listening to jack johnson pandora radio.
(he told me, 'it will change your life')

{we} both got home at 10 tonight. 
me, after a 14 hour workday.
brian after a 15 hour school/workday.
it's the worst when we don't see each other {all} day.
except when one of us is half asleep in the morning while the other says goodbye.
(okay, it's usually me)
i look forward to the weekends like you wouldn't believe.
i'm also looking forward to the next summer vacation.

{today} was not my favorite, however i am super grateful we both are able to work, and go to school. 
and even more grateful that we have each other to come home to.
it makes days like this a bearable.

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  1. Lovely Mace :) You should be a writer.