happy birthday to me. :)

 my bday this year was perfect.
i woke up to breakfast made by brian. {he even did the dishes too}
& a cute love note on the mirror.
i then spent the day not working, not studying, & not going to the gym.
but doing exactly what i wanted.:)
 unfortunately bri had schoolin/workin until 5:30.
then the party started.
brian had our night all planned, but wouldn't tell me any of it.
he took me to macaroni grill. {italian food is my favorite}
then minature golfing. which i won. fair & square.
right honey? :)
we even played a few arcade games. 
and brian beat all the basketball high scores. what a baller.
then we headed over to where my favorite friends live.
they had a delicious cake waiting for me. yum.

i was also surprised when these showed up for me:
[hehe, funny story. i get a call the afternoon of my birthday (while on skype with my mom) from the flower patch in provo. they said they had a delivery of flowers for me, but that they had tried to deliver them & i wasn't home so they left them with my neighbors in 207. (i live in 208) i get off the phone & tell my mom that brian got me flowers! (who else would they be from??) so i go to my neighbors & ask them about the flowers..and they look at me like im a weirdy. no flowers there. when brian came home i told him "thanks" but i hadn't recieved them yet. and he goes "what are you talking about? i probably should have sent you flowers...but they aren't from me." okay. flower mystery.

the next day there were flowers on my doorstep at about 5 o clock. with a sweet note from my mom, dad & the girls.

then at 6:00 we heard a knock at the door. (another flower delivery for me, with the exact same note as the first) haha....um...weird.

long story short, the flower place realized they delivered the flowers to the wrong apt complex, but couldn't get ahold of the people they left them with. so they just brought me new ones.
then....the poeple they left them with (i think they're in my ward??) brought the other ones and dropped them on my doorstep.
2 flower deliveries for the price of one. good work mom. :)

 a few of my favorite things that happened on my birthday:
-brian making me stay up the night before until 12 just so i could open my present for him. (he was more excited than i was.)
-the voice message my sister in law sent me. of my adorable niece singing me happy birthday. i've listened to it like 20 times a day since. 
-the happy birthday voice message drew sent me, in the nacho voice.
 -skyping with my mom & sisters for about an hour. just talking about girl things. like clothes & hair & pinterest.
-the card rachel gave me. that said. "you're hard to shop for.....{open card}...so i didn't".
-being able to go shopping and buy a few cute things for me.
-the long distance/expensive call my dad made just to tell me happy birthday & that he loved me.
-brian calling me "birthday girl" all day long.
-all the facebook love i was shown. (for those of you who don't have a facebook, that is reason enough right there to get one. it makes birthdays great.)
-sharing my birthday with matty. :)

im pretty glad birthday's come once a year.
thanks for all the love! :)


  1. macey.. your boots are so cute! i wish i could even say that i have boots. ha
    love you and miss you! :)

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  3. First, happy late birthday! Also, you and your husband make a gorgeous couple and I LOVE your wedding dress. ALSO, that cake looks AMAZING!!! I would like a slice please!