i'm thankful for:

{november 14}
my vacuum.
vacuuming is my favorite household chore. i find myself doing it more often then it needs to be done. (i love those fresh lines on the carpet.) we got married & i didn't get on the ball with the whole vacuum thing...soo..we didn't get one for about 3 months. which means our apartment didn't get vacuumed once in that time. let me tell you, what i picked up was nasty.
well, then a couple weeks ago i broke my vacuum belt. (stupid brian's shoelace) and of course at all the 7 different wal-mart's i went to there were none to be found. so i order one online & a month later (today) it finally came. that month was rough. but today was a happy day.

{november 15}
little sisters.
what would i ever do without them? not sure, but i'm sure glad i have them. my favorite thing is how much they call me lately. sometimes mal calls me when she's home alone and scared. and morg likes to call to just chat...you know, about boys and nails and stuff. :) we've always been close, but as they get older the closer we get. i'm sure glad i have them.
[also, that cute little lady on the left now has her own blog. it's cute. check it out here.]

{november 16}
relief society activities.
yes. today i'm grateful for these. i'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to not attending the relief society activities. in all my student wards i maybe attended one the whole year. (i always dread going, but it's always fabulous once i'm there) BUT this year my calling is being part of the relief society activities committee. (isn't it funny how you always get the exact calling you need?) well i've loved it so far, to say the least. and i know i won't be missing any of them this year. (we've planned some pretty great things.)

{november 17}
everyone needs a day to celebrate themselves.
i had a fabulous day full of me. & the day after i went into post-birthday depression.

{november 18}
my school.
byu to be exact.
[i know, i know i already wrote about school. but i grouped it with work. & didn't really appreciate it as much as it needs to be appreciated.]
i absolutely love going to school here.
one) becuase it's gorgeous. i live at the BASE of the mountain, the view out my window is pretty incredible. it never ceases to amaze me how the grounds are always looking fabulous. snow always shoveled, leaves raked. etc. they take such good care of the place.
two) because everything is done with a spiritual outlook. for example, i took anatomy last semester. it was {the hardest} class i've ever taken. (& i may or may not need to take it again) but i loved it because my teacher tied in {everyday} how important our bodies are because our spirits dwell in them. they are connected. so instead of grumbling about it, (okay, i did plenty) more often i found myself sitting there in lecture so overwhelmingly grateful for my body that enables my spirit to do everything i need/want to do.
three) i feel like we're all on the same page. (for the most part) enter to learn-go forth to serve. we are going to school to learn so that we can go out into the world & be examples through service. and hopefully make the world a better place & be better prepared to share the gospel.
four) byu sports.
i love college football/basketball just as much as the next guy.
but i especially love being a cougar because of things like this.
(this article is a must read, if you haven't.)
i'm still fuming about the posters about davies that were all over the place at the utah state/byu basketball game.
seriously? show the boy some respect.
[you'll agree if you read the article above]

{november 19}
i dusted my guitar off the other day (after an 8 month drought) it made my day so great. i've also been particularly grateful to be a member of our ward choir. not gonna lie, our choir is pretty good. but most of all i love the spirit that can be brought to a meeting through the songs we sing. i am always so grateful i love & appreciate music. it's been such a blessing in my life.
plus, my husband has a rockin voice. i love it even a little bit more because of that. :)

{november 20}
my bed.
my sore muscles love it. every night. & i love it even more in the morning when i wake up at 6 a.m to pee....my apartment is FREEZING, but it's okay....because i can just run back and get in my warm covers. :)


  1. i love how brian sings as loud as he can. ha

  2. I love it Mace. You can come vacuum my house anytime :)

  3. oh quit fuming about the usu/byu game. thats just how we roll at USU, but i was not at that game so don't judge me. i am quite happy about the result though. I almost text you or your husband that night but decided to be respectful.

  4. I can't get enough of my bed, sissy, birthdays and vacuuming too! I love this list. And hooray for stopping by my lil spot... You sure do know how to make a girl's night. :)

  5. haha i think its very funny you love to vacuum! I only hate that chore because its so loud! weird i know. I wish someone would invent a silent vacuum. I love all of your gratitude posts, we all have so much to be thankful for :)

  6. i LOOOVE that the your vacuum made it on the list. i am so thankful for mine too! especially because i reeeeally wanted a Dyson but knew we couldn't justify spending wedding gift cards on such an expensive piece. when we went to target to buy our cheap one, i had the cashier check the balance on a blank gift card. wouldja believe it was two HUNDRED dollars?!?! i almost freaked, and then ran straight for my beloved Dyson. :)