a good year

we've been doing a lot of reminiscing around here lately. reminiscing about our first and second dates...that led to seeing each other everyday. & remembering the first time we cuddled/held hands that led to 'i love yous'. all of this happened in one short month. a year ago.

brian & i started dating the middle of october...in fact im pretty sure our {second date} was on a thursday. october 14th. to be exact. (this is a big deal for me, because i don't remember dates)-i say second date because that's when it all started. :) anyway...i really liked him, but had some major commitment issues. (i'd never found a boy i liked enough to commit to...so i didn't really know how/want to do it.)

well obviously he was a keeper, because i got over my issues pretty fast.

so, on november 15th i told him i'd be his girlfriend.
& then he told me he loved me.
(i know that date because it's written in my journal)

one short month after that, i had already figured out i wanted to marry him.  i still can't believe it happened so fast. but i'm sure glad it did.

i found this picture the other day. it's the first picture we took together.

and here we are a year later, almost exactly to date. doin the same thing. :)
i know anniversaries don't come until you've been married for a year. & some people do the "we've been married for 4 months" thing. yeah...not us. that usually doesn't even cross our minds on the month marks.
 but yesterday marks a year that we've been together. & it definitely crossed my mind.
like brian said, the beginning of us dating "seems like a lifetime ago."
 but at the same time it feels like it was just yesterday.
isn't it funny how life is like that?

i love this boy. i couldn't have asked for better. 


  1. How romantic Mace. Oh happy b-day tomorrow :). Me and mom loved your post :) love you

    mal and mom

  2. So sweet Mace! The bad news is...I think that is the same hat, but good news...my hat is new!

  3. cute post mace! happy birthday also:)
    love you.

  4. Macey & Brian

    I love to read your blogs so keep up the good work that you do on it Love, Kristi Jones

  5. hi doll!
    i just found your blog
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    i am so happy to see more
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    I read your entire blog
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  6. awww! how sweet! y'all look awesomely great togther too:) here's to many more years!

  7. i like your blog macey. :)