i'm thankful for:

{november 7}
i'm grateful for this guy.
i'm not really sure what i'd do without him. he keeps me happy. and loves me unconditionally. and he is such a hard worker. im amazed how he goes nonstop everyday to school & work [and hardly ever gets a break] to provide for us. thanks for being my better half honey. i love you!

{november 8}
miss nora.
this little girl is adorable. & makes my job so easy. look at those darling curls and adorable smile. that is what she looks like always. she's always happy. (and she's two...i didn't know that was even possible.) the only bad thing is that she loves brian more than me. no joke. but worse than that..we're worried we're going to have kids..and not love them as much as this cute girl.

{november 9}
grateful for my knowledge of the plan of salvation.
thinking about it today because of this story.
wasn't that such a terrible thing to hear about? but it is so amazing that their families can feel peace because of the knowledge that they'll see their missionary sons again. and until then, where they are they'll be happier than ever.

{november 10}
little ceasers hot&ready pizza.
for the days that i have absolutely no desire to cook dinner. :)
don't pretend that this doesn't happen sometimes at your house.
im also grateful for pizza in general. it is one of my favorite things. i can put healthy good things in my body for days. say no to cookies & treats. but if pizza is offered/put in front of me...try as hard as i might...i can't refuse. it gets me every time.

{november 11}
teaches you how to do everything that you need to do. cook, clean, sew, get stains out of the carpet, make your house smell good, dress cute etc. last night i needed a tasty dessert to take to a little get together. where do i turn to? pinterest of course. 
caramel apple cheesecake bars:
this is seriously one of the best desserts i've ever had.
want to try it? you should.
recipe here.

{november 12}
golds gym.
for some reason today i super grateful for a gym 1 mile away from my house. i'm grateful for the cardio cinema (the best thing that's ever happened to me) because i'm too wimpy to run outside in the cold. i'm grateful for brian, who got up on a saturday to go with me to lift weights-because i don't have enough motivation to go on my own. and i'm grateful for my body and the ability i have to do hard things & push myself to the max, so that i can have sore muscles for the next 3 days. :)

{november 13}
brian's family.
i'm so grateful to have family around. {especially when mine is so far away} we love driving up on sundays for family dinner & seeing them almost every weekend for a football game, or something else. i knew i was lucky to marry brian, but i was even luckier to get to be a part of the peterson clan. :)
                    try this this week. :)


  1. Owwwnn The only thing you forgot was how grateful you are for me! jk love ya! Mal :)

  2. Macey I did not know that your mom and dad had a blog to look at I will keep looking at your mom's blog Love, Kristi

  3. Macey I just love your blog...love it. you have such great perspective on life. Move back to Burley so we can hang out more!

  4. i absoultely adore that last wedding picture with the family! beautiful.
    you're such a pretty bride :)