i've had this post written forever. time i posted it.

we had such an awesome time in california. we flew into long beach...and stayed in dana point. at an awesome marriot hotel called "the cliffs." the weather was perfect. the length of the trip was perfect. it was all pretty perfect. 

{sunday} church. fly.

we walk into our hotel to check in....and the lady says "we're going to upgrade you to the executive sweet." brian: "uh.......okay." it was pretty awesome.  (that's what you get when you're father in law is a regular at the marriot.) our hotel room was amazing. to say the least.

{fourth of july} the beach.dinner.fireworks+popcorn.

{tuesday} the day we laid around all day. miniture golf. italian dinner.

this boy loves his sunglasses.

{wednesday} couples massage. pool. walk on the beach. dinner on the coast.

{thursday} flight to slc. drive to burley.

a few of our favorites things:
-staying at the grand america in salt lake. that bathroom was a dream.

-the chairs (they were more like beds) that we laid on out at the pool. they were so nice.
-waiting outside for the fireworks to start for an hour. we played a game to try to make each other laugh. i don't think i've ever laughed so hard.
-playing paddle-ball on the beach for hours. never being able to reach 100. just 98. then 93.
-having pizza for a meal like three different times.
-the chicken alfredo i had at an italian restaurant. best pasta i've ever had. [i will go back for it someday]
-walks on the beach.
-all the on demand movies (that were still in the theatre) we watched like four.
-the day we played in the pool. all the high rollers were there...with their kids. bri and i were the only adults in the pool. everyone else was just laying out..drinking. and staring at us. we had a blast.
-when i beat brian in miniture golf.
-the fabulous hot tub.
-sleeping in for as long as we wanted. and also taking naps whenever we wanted.

i still dream about how fabulous it was.
too bad honeymoons are only a one time thing.


  1. Reading about your honeymoon took me back to mine...oh how i loved that time! we should all just go on a vacation together and call it honeymoon dos...we are still 21 after all. some people our age haven't even been on a honeymoon yet so we will just be following the crowd.

    oh and staying at the grand is the best thing ever right? wowza!

  2. It looks like it was wonderful! So, I just had to say honeymoons are soo not a one time thing--getaways are even better the longer you're married :0)!

  3. How cute are you in a hat? Really cute--that's how cute :)

  4. you two are seriously SO CUTE. :) What a fun honeymoon! and also, I am SO jealous of your pretty long hair.
    Lovely Little Rants

  5. you shoulg have taken me! hahaha cute post. LOVE YOU :) Mal

  6. Macey & Brian

    I love to read your blogs they are so fun to read them so keep up the good work Love, Kristi Jones