im grateful for:

{november 1}
mother dear.
 today im grateful for my mom. she just left after spending a couple days with me and i miss her already. it was so great spending time with her. & having someone to take care of me. she spoiled me for my birthday, took me grocery shopping and bought us things we love, but never buy, because they don't make our budget happy, ran a half marathon with me, even though i don't think she really wanted too, she just knew i wanted her too, helped me make cute things for my home, took me out to eat at my favorite place. etc etc. im lucky {and grateful} to have her as my mom.

{november 2}
best friends.
 today im grateful for my fabulous friends. one of my best friends [marg] is leaving on her mission in a few weeks and today i said goodbye to her. it's made me think about and be more grateful for close friendships. ones that last, even when you're not around each other and sometimes only see each other ever other month or so. i love my friends. the ones i've met at school and the ones i've known forever. it never ceases to amaze me how lucky i am to be surrounded by such great people.

allie is missing from this photo. :)

{november 3}
blankets & hot cocoa. 
there is nothing i love more than curling up in a blanket. to snuggle with brian. to read a book. to watch a movie. i have to have a blanket with me, at almost all times. (i even take one in the car on the way to the gym in the early morning, while brian's driving, i curl up in the passenger seat. for reals) blanket of choice? the one my mom made me for graduation. i can't explain how comfy it is. 
and a cup of hot cocoa. every day. makes the 7 month winter bearable.
 that's my motto.

{november 4}
what would i do without skype? i wouldn't talk to my family very often. or see them. ever. i'm so glad that i can talk to my family, who live 4000 miles away, {almost} whenever i want. by just hopping on the computer and pushing a button. sometimes i still can't believe it's that easy. 
it's the greatest thing. ever.

{november 5}
yes, im surprised that this is listed too. 2 of the things that i {sometimes} hate so much can i really be grateful for? today i went grocery shopping & thought about how lucky we are, though we are poor college students, to have good jobs that help us pay our rent & put food on our table, and keep our house warm in this freezing weather. and school? our low paying part time jobs keep us motivated to continue schooling so that {oneday} we won't have to scrimp and save so much.
brian works at the mtc. i'm convinced he's the best teacher/employer they have. :)

and i am a nanny, to these, and a few more, adorable kiddos. love them.
and both of us go to school here:
and absolutely love it.

{november 6}
everybody read the october ensign? it was fabulous. {all} about the book of mormon, it was so great and exactly what i needed to hear.  and what i love even more is when the general conference ensign comes out.  (another reason i love this month) each november and may i can hardly wait to get my hands on it. i know i could read them online, or on my phone, but it's just not the same as having each talk in your hand & highlighting and writing whatever you want. so grateful for the words of the prophets through the ensign.
what are you grateful for?


  1. Pretty awesome list mace! It is a great month. Can't wait for next weeks list.

  2. Macey we love your new post! It made mom cry :) It made us think of our blessings too. LOVE YOU

    Mals and gals :)

  3. i really really love this post. and the next two :) i miss you and brian!

  4. You're so cute Macey :) Love it. And we can't wait to hang out with you guys!

  5. I am grateful my mom doesn't like running in half marathons. =) Glad you got to spend some quality time with your mom.