a few {random} things.

halloween half= check.
besides the whole [wait in line for 45 minutes in 30 degree weather for a bus at 6 am] it was great.
the company was great. the run was beautiful.
& my muscles are still sore. (which means i worked hard/im still out of shape)
we are brasilian soccer players.
if you couldn't tell.

i'll probably make this race an annual thing. but next year i'm making brian drive me to the top of the canyon so i don't have to wait in line for a bus.
or maybe i can convince him to run it with me?
in my dreams.

speaking of annual things, i had my annual freak out about my hair. the one where i feel for weeks that my hair is ugly. everyday. & that i need a change.
after we got married i made brian [promise] me he wouldn't let me cut my hair. no matter how much i tried to talk him out of it/convince him it was a good idea.
{it's not that i don't like short hair. i love it. it just takes my hair sooo long to grow. and i've been growing it out for sooo long. so im gonna stick to it.}
but, i almost chopped it, behind his back, while at the salon.
instead, i dyed it brown. like i do every fall/winter.
but this time i actually sort of like it.
because it's really close to my natural color...
which means i may or may not ever dye my hair again.
thank you photobooth.
{and}i'm currently obsessed with this shampoo&conditioner. i think this is the real reason im loving my hair so much lately. it's sooo soft.
seriously, i've tried them all. and this works wonders.
i recommend it.
thanks mom. :)

and last, I'm doing what ya'll are doing. writing down what I'm grateful for everyday throughout the month of november. i'll share my list each sunday.
boy do i love this month.

happy weekend!! :)


  1. Cute hair :)

    Mace, I need your best homemade mac and cheese recipe. Will you email it to me?


  2. CUTE Hair dude!Those brazilian outfits are pretty deeze :) Mal