weekend in idaho & a pumpkin patch

it was so good to be home this last weekend.
i miss that place {too much}.

we spent our time:
snuggling our new niece, baby jane.
teasing avery.
enjoying home cooked meals by my mom & grandma.
attending only one hour of church. {due to the power going out}
having sunday popcorn.
playing basketball in the driveway.
visiting a pumpkin patch.
getting lost/scared in a straw maze.
and catching up with our favorite family members.

 brian's pumpkin of choice:
and mine: 
cute honey, real cute. 
 this girl {loves} matt.
don't tell brian, but this is the real reason i married him.
we are smitten by this little lady.

oh, and this one:

also, isn't this the saddest thing you've ever seen?

it was a fabulous weekend.
can't wait to go back.


  1. owwww I want to go to the pumkin patch ):

    mal (:

  2. The Pumpkin Patch pictures are sooo cute! And your nieces are adorable. Family is the best!

  3. Gotta love the Paul pumpkin patch...Cute pictures!

  4. gotta love the Paul pumpkin patch...cute pictures!

  5. Anonymous10/25/2011

    It's ok baby.... I already know :)

  6. Trae and Melissa had their baby? What did they name her?

  7. That first picture of bri playing ball is sweet. Come visit more!

  8. Anonymous11/02/2011

    oh mace, aren't those girls the sweetest things ever. you look darling and look like your ;loving married life. -meag

  9. that is the SADDEST thing i have ever seen. WHAAAT.

  10. that picture where he's acting like the pumkin is super heavy is funny;)