pinterest lovin.

well my goal of posting twice a week officially went down the drain.
life's been busy.
i'm pretty positive i won't meet out twice a week very often. but i'm over it. 
i've been too busy studying. cleaning. decorating my house. trying to cook. and pinteresting.
(pretty sure that's a real verb, right?)
i'm addicted to that site, but my favorite part is all the food.
and to justify spending hours on there {each week} i've promised myself to try a few new recipes {each week}. i've stuck to it so far.

and..i have yet to find a recipe that i didn't like.
well except for the meatloaf disaster. but i've since then discovered that my oven was about 100 degrees hotter than it was telling me on the outside.
so it was my ovens fault.
not the meatloafs. :)

here are a few recipes we've loved.

chicken bacon ranch pasta.
 this was fabulous. the first time i made it i substituted garlic salt for garlic powder...needless to say, i didn't substitute it quite right. oops. it was a little salty.

the second time i got it right. it was delish.

parmesean roasted potatoes.
i love potatoes. end of story.

slow cooker baked potato soup.
this was a lot like eating mashed potatoes. just a much creamier/tastier kind. a favorite. :)

crock pot orange chicken.
easy peasy.

homemade mac&cheese.
mac and cheese is another love at our house. it's one of brian's favorite things. and i love it too. i feel alot better eating the homemade kind than out of the box. it's lot tastier...and i feel like a better wife. (for actually making it) we loved this.

apricot chicken.
if you couldn't tell we eat a lot of chicken over here. 

baked chicken parmesan.
this was a favorite. 

twice baked potatoes. 
i didn't need a recipe for this. my mom made them for us all the time. 
but i had completely forgotten about them and pinterest reminded me. 

worlds best mac&cheese.
pretty sure there are more homemade mac&cheese recipes on pinterest than anything else...i've been on the lookout for the best one. so far i've made three. and this one is by far the best. we loved it!

spaghetti with chicken.
i didn't do this exactly like the recipe, i just kind of did my own version. :)

my favorite thing is that none of these were very hard. {and i can't really cook} and i love that some things you find on pinterest you already know how to make, it is just a good little reminder...and some are just variations of things you can already do. so you can just do it a little differently. but most, like i said, are easy. which makes making meals somewhat doable for me. :)

at the beginning of my week, when im making a menu, i just hop on pinterest and find a few interesting things. if my budget would allow it, i would do something new for every meal. 
oh well...someday. :)

all images stolen from pinterest*
if you'd like a recipe you can find it on my {good eats} board.
and if you'd like a recipe and don't have pinterest...GET ONE.
or ask me for the recipe and i'll send it over your way. :)


  1. WOW! That made me starving :)

    mal (L)

  2. Okay, Mace...get your three favorite recipes and post them (I want the actual recipe). That's an order. Or you can make them and bring them to my house :) I'm not picky.

  3. ugh, all of this looks absolutely incredible!! now if only i could cook! mac and cheese is always a smash over here at the taylor household too! and that orange chicken? OBSESSED!!!
    xo TJ