burley reception.


my sweet sister, sitting at the sign in book.

lemonade stand.
ice cream bar.
s'mores bar.
{provided by:} little sister: miss morgan jones.
favorite cousin: brawn gary baker.
best friend: allie earl.
my 3 all time favorite guitarists/singers. :)

standing in line.

this would be us, arriving 15 minutes late for our reception. no big deal.
some friendly faces.
this little cutie was all wedding'd out.

cutting the cake. 
{was quite the ordeal}
first i tried.
then brian tried.
me, again.
then brian took over..
and finally succeeded. 
isn't he sweet? 

bouquet toss.
my 8 year old cousin snuck in the group & caught it.
garter toss.
{this was just as awkward as i always imagined it would be.}

it was a perfect night.

pictures taken by the fabulous mckell mendenhall.


  1. 2 things: first, I am surprised that you listed Brawn as your favorite cousin, I really thought it was me. Second, ice cream bar, really? I thought you knew otter pops are where it's at!!!
    Beautiful, I wish I could have been there. Hope you are doing well, give my sis a squeeze for me when you see her next.

  2. Macey I think that this is quite possibly the most beautiful reception I have ever seen!

  3. I loved your Burley Reception It was a perfect night to have it I am so glad that I got to come to it I am so glad that we are cousins Love, Your cousin Kristi Jones

  4. aw, all of these pictures are just so lovely girl! you make such a cute bride! and those shoes in the last picture...perfect!!
    xo TJ

  5. I loved all of your Reception pictures of you guys I hope to see you guys soon Love, your cousin Kristi Jones

  6. Grandpa got out the Model T--that is LOVE! Just a few questions: Does Lisa know Hayden is getting married next? Does Trae know he looks like your Dad? Did you know you added a picture of Brian under your skirt? How messy did the ice cream and smore bar get by the end of the night? Inquiring minds want to know :) Great pictures Mace!

  7. That was the best reception EVER!!! I ate like 10 smores hahahah love ya! mal

  8. Hey mace i just wanted to tell you that hayden is 10 not 8!

    mal :)