my favorite kind of days.

fall is hands down my favorite season & i couldn't be more excited that it is here. last week it still felt like summer, but i woke up this morning and had to wear a jacket on my run. woohoo! (im keeping my fingers crossed that fall lasts a while this year.)

we had a great weekend. it started off with a byu win over utah state. in the middle there was talk after talk full of inspiration from our wonderful church leaders+my mother in law's wonderful cooking. and it ended with a sunday evening with a few of our best friends.

this was the only picture i got.
& it doesn't even begin to capture our excitement.

gc favorites:
1. how funny president monson was. especially saturday morning when he stood up and said "hello!"
2. another temple in provo!!? couldn't be more excited.
3. barbara thompson: our testimonies fortify & strengthen us when {challenges} come. she then quoted someone who was asked how they "kept" their testimony through such hard times: "i didn't keep my testimony through those times, my testimony kept me."
4. president uchtdorf: no matter where you live, your calling, your job, your looks, your heavenly father loves you. "the lord doesn't care if we spend our days working in marble halls, or stable stalls."
5. Ian S. Arden. (his talk might have been my favorite.) be the master of technology, don't let it be the master of us. "are we as quick to drop to our knees to pray as we are to text?"
6. Carl B. Cook: "it is better to look up." "look up. step up. cheer up."
7. president eyring: "drink deeply & often from it's pages." {talking about the book of mormon}
8. Robert. D. Hales: wait upon the lord. "one day we will be done with all of our afflictions." "too often we pray to have patience, but we want it right now!"
9. president monson: "if we have the love of the savior in our hearts and the gospel at our core, we will be better equipped to overcome temptation."
10. president's monson's story about losing his 5 dollar bill.

hope everyone's weekend was as great as mine. :)


  1. I loved those General Conference talks as well. I did not love however, BYU's miraculous win over my Aggies. All I have to say is that BYU must have the Lord on their side because that was one lucky touchdown.

  2. Love Conference weekend :) It passes too fast!

  3. I noticed you didn't mention Elder Neil L Andersen's talk amongst your favorites. =) hehehe

  4. aw, all of your favorites were mine as well! adore that picture too, you both are adorable! that was an exciting game!
    xo TJ