gettin serious.

brian and i spent our night filling out informations sheets.
writing down medical information.
writing down our weekly workout schedules.
writing down our dietary intake.
and writing down goals.

we even did girth measurements of most our body. 
and took "before" pictures.

why? well....here's the deal. my father in law works with a guy named mike cordon. i haven't met mike, but we've become pretty close through email. anyway...long story short this guy has been studying nutrition for years. he works full time for OC Tanner but in his free time he is a personal fitness trainer and consultant. and he's doing a pilot program for a 12 week nutrition & strength coaching camp. and you guessed it....we get to be the guinea pigs. :)

since it's the first time being done, he's only having about 6-10 people so that he has plenty of time with each of us, and it was also affordable for us poor college students because if you sign up, your spouse gets thrown in for FREE! :) (my father in law may have helped us out too..because he wants to support mike) how awesome is that? 

i'm super excited to get my very-out-of-shape-self back on track. 
but what makes me even more excited is that we'll be doing the STUFF that i'm studying about. i'm excited to see how mike, as a personal trainer, goes about it. and how he'll teach us/motivate us.
 {that's going to be me someday} :)

so basically we are excited. bri has been diligently going to the gym every morning at 6 a.m. (before his super long day of work+school) he's such a champ. and i am proud of myself for how consistently i've been running. so we're hoping that since we've been tryin real hard at exercising and eating well, that this 12 week program won't hit us TOO hard. 
but it probably still will.
and i'm sure you'll be hearing about it.

we start tomorrow.
wish us luck.

yes. that's supposed to be us. don't tell me you don't see the resemblance. 


  1. It was fun to see you yesterday, Mace. We need to do that more :)

  2. Macey that picture looks jus like you hahahah. just kiddin :)