to my pops.

i just wanted to give a little shout out to my dad. and let him know how great i think he is.

we have an interesting relationship, him & i. our personalities are basically the exact same. which means, best friends one day, and not quite seeing eye to eye the next.
it's made for a few rocky days, but i wouldn't change a thing about it. :)

he's always been my rock. giving me the best advice when i ask. a self confidence boost when i need it. & always encouraging me to be my best self.

he is a busy, busy man down there in brasil. barely has time to breathe.
 but he still makes time to be the greatest dad.

happy birthday daddy-o.
sure love ya.


  1. Awww, you dad is the best! Happy Birthday Uncle Dee :)

  2. Your dad is a wonderful man. You are who you are, in part, due to him.

  3. Your dad is a wonderful guy. You are in part, who you are, because of him.

  4. Your dad looks like Mitt Romney in this picture! Dix pointed it out:)