i've been thinking a lot lately about living in the present. i've read a few new years resolution blog posts about it, and it just reaffirmed whats been on my mind basically 24/7. 

ever find yourself missing the past?
i miss having my family 3 hours away.
i miss the ease and fun of high school.
i miss my freshman year at byu. where i didn't think about money. at all. (sorry dad)
i miss living with my best friends.

but at the same time i long so much for the future.
i can't wait to be done with school.
i can't wait until my family moves back.
i can't wait to move out of provo...
i can't wait to not live on a tight budget.
etc. etc. etc.

in the midst of all this thought i came across this talk. by elder holland. he made me not so guilty about longing for the future. he says to look to the future with faith. and i feel like, most days, that's what i do.

but even so, i want to focus on now. 

i have such a great life. 
i'm a newlywed. (basically the best time of life...right?)
i'll miss school & byu when i do finally finish.
provo is a fabulous place to live.
i do probably appreciate family time more, since i get less of it than i want.
brian and i are very blessed financially.

i could go on and on and on.

i do recognize those things, but i want to do a better job of recognizing the good things now. and the good things of every day. i am the queen of just getting through the day/week. but instead of "getting through" i want to "enjoy" it a little bit more. i want to be better at cherishing the little things, and the good things that happen.

here are a few things i cherished about yesterday:

a phone call from my mom.
a movie+popcorn+snuggling up with bri
a text from my grandpa. (yes, he texts. best thing ever)
sunny january weather
an adorable one month old
good songs on the radio
a funny text message from my sister
having time to make a yummy dinner
talking wedding plans with my best friends
a ritz crackers+cheese snack

i've made lots of new years resolutions. (i'm also the queen of those) but i decided that a motto for the year might be a little bit better. something i'll remember to do, and hopefully strive everyday to do it.
so...this year i'm going to try to cherish everyday.
because everyday has a lot to offer. :)


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I think we all get caught up sometimes in either wishing for the past or the future and not seeing the good in right now. We miss you and Bri!

  2. Loved this! you're awesome!

  3. My greatest happiness comes in reveling in the moment. Good girl!

  4. You're going to love the motto switch. I promise. :) And I love your motto. Every day totally has a ton to offer and I find myself doing the same thing. Thanks for the reminder :)!