2011 in review

brian finally met the family.

my twin brother came home from his mission.

i planned my whole wedding. while my mom was in town.

my first snowboarding trip in a couple of years with bri's fam.
when we were on the ski lift with brian's dad we told him we wanted to get married in july.
then we chose a date. right then and there. 


tried to enjoy my last semester as a single girl living with my best friends.

annnd...we took our engagements. 

trip to atlanta & jacksonville.

took our groomals.

put together 800 wedding invitations.
what would i ever do without them?

went through the temple for the first time with dave.
{twin falls temple}



some family time.

trip to brasil.

said goodbye to elder jones.

back to the grind. between work & school i hardly ever saw my husband.
i looked forward to friday night dates like you wouldn't believe.
which consisted of:
 frisbee at the park with our favorite friends.

byu football games.

double dates with the burtenshaws.

jimmer's all-stars. with our favorite neighbors: the bromleys.

and of course, some kanjam. with whoever will play with us.

i got a new niece. my mom came into town & we took a much needed weekend to idaho to visit.

my mom & i ran the provo halloween half marathon.

i turned 22. and felt so old.

had my first thanksgiving with brian's family.
and, of course, i didn't take any pictures.

and said goodbye to margy.

brian turned the big 2-3. 

reunited with these four.

my sisters stayed with me for a weekend.

we had christmas up in idaho with my wonderful family.

i'm really glad i wrote this post. it gave me a lot of time to think about this past year. and made me so grateful for it. grateful for the wonderful families we have. our jobs that we love. school that is challenging, but helps us grow. and the gospel to help make us into better people & blesses us beyond belief.
and, as always i am super grateful that we have each other. to go through the ups & downs together.
we can't wait to see what this year will bring.


  1. of course out of all the temple square pictures, you had to choose the one where my hat is halfway off my head. just sayin:)

  2. Love this! It was a big exciting year for you. Bring on 2012

  3. Wow what a year! It goes by so fast! Glad we got to be a part of some of it... :) Hope you guys are doing great!

  4. I have been thinking of doing a post just like this! 2011 was definitely a good one :)

    P.S. We should get together for lunch? Something? We have kind of failed lately.

  5. wow, you guys had quite the year! how fun! and with married life - it only gets better :). Hope you guys have a wonderful 2012!

  6. oh my. i can't believe this all happened in the last year. you're life is so great and i freakin miss you!