i love me some family time.

said goodbye to my mom & sisters on friday. im gonna miss them like crazy.
can't wait until july. :)

just a few more things that happened over christmas break. (mostly stuff i did with the sisters)
we went to dinner & to temple square the night these four flew in from brasil. it was really, really cold. and well, they froze. :)

the girls stayed with me that weekend, while my parents did ALL of their christmas shopping in salt lake. so i took them to work.
the kids i nanny love when i bring these two...
apparently a 12 & 14 year old are much more fun than a 22 year old.

then we did a little christmas shopping/pit stop to get mal's ears pierced.
such a champ.

morg & mal really wanted to go ice skating.
unfortunately they were a little rusty. we spent most of the time teaching them how.
thank goodness bri is the best teacher. 
they were skating like pros in no time.

to finish off our weekend we all went to the byu vs. baylor basketball game.
yes, we're a little bit obsessed with our new niece. she is now twice that size.

fast forward to after christmas.

at the end of our break brian and i took these girls up skiiing. there wasn't much snow...but we still had a blast.

and this would be when mal forgot to get off the lift, and almost kept going....

last weekend my mom & sisters came down just for a day to hang out with me. we did everything fun. got our nails done, went to the movie. (we bought a zoo. have you seen it? if not, i recommend you go. right now.) a little shopping. went out for lunch & dinner. 
us with zane, our favorite brasilian. :)

i'm sure going to miss these girls. 

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