livin for the weekend

i haven't been a great blogger as of late. 
we've been a little preoccupied with...well, life.

i've been busy working my old job & my new job, while trying to study & be a good wife. 
i'm failing majorly at the last part.
"hey honey, what do you want for dinner? mac&cheese, pb&j, or grilled cheese?"
and today...i had my first laundry accident because i wasn't thinking clearly.
which ruined brian's favorite shirt. no big deal.

however, i am so excited about my new job.
& determined to get this PT certification asap.
so mac&cheese will have to do. for now.

i'm also getting things all figured out to go back to school in april & finish up.
and i'm pretty excited about it. i've missed byu life a little too much.
(brian, please remind me that i said that, when i'm knee deep in homework)

speaking of brian, he's still rocking everything he does.
practically running things over there at the mtc.
while acing all of his tests.
(even in one of the hardest math classes at byu)
he's a smarty pants, that boy.

i'm getting too used to only seeing my husband for a little bit each day.
for about 15 minutes at 7 in the morning.
and then a half hour..ish before we zonk out in the p.m.
if we're lucky our we can squeeze in lunch together.
if we're lucky.

but thank goodness for fridays.saturday&sundays.
today i had time for a long run. we did laundry, cleaned the house, watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon. played the guitar.
and i actually have time to make a decent meal.
and of course, we love date night.

even though life is crazy & busy. it sure is goood.

here are a few of the fun things we did last weekend:

brian regan with the burtenshaws.

a little tubing with the peterson clan at soldiers hollow in midway.
this picture has to be explained. brian's dad introduced him to "air boots". perfect for those klondike scouting excursions where you sleep in the snow. apparently they keep your feet toasty.
and make you look like a clown.
brian wanted to try them out.

we love sunday evenings with our best friends.

hopefully this one is just as great.
happy weekend. :)


  1. Are Rachel and Steph dating those guys? I hope so.

    Jesse and I went to Brian Regan too! Yippie io ki aye!!!

  2. I haven't had a pazookie in WAYYYY too long. I might just have to make one tonight after seeing that :)

  3. I have never seen a pazookie before. I'm drooling!