v.tines day.

i wish someone would have told me how great valentines day is as a married woman.
i maybe would have jumped on that a little bit sooner....

haha.....okay. not really.

but i have felt like one special girl the past couple of days.
you know your husband loves you when he doesn't keep the 'valentine gift budget' that we had both decided on. little stinker.

he brought flowers the day {before} valentines. which was my favorite...because i wasn't expecting it at all. 

today he surprised me with dinner reservations, tickets to the vow. & took me shopping to find the perfect perfume.
(he hates every single kind that i already have. rude, huh?)

nothing says love more, than sitting through a cheesy chick flick with your wife.
he even got my favorite treat to go with. (chocolate covered raisins, if you were wondering)

im a lucky lady to have him. 
i wanted to post one of my favorite songs, that fit right in with the holiday.
 & i got an email from my dad tonight...it was my favorite song, being sung by my little sisters.
they are amaaazing. take a listen.
kina grannis. valentine.
covered by: malorie & morgan jones.


  1. agreed - married valentines are the BEST. And your sisters are so cute. LOVE the song!

  2. Macey. I couldn't agree more. Valentine's is probably my favorite holiday these days :). P.S. You're awesome. We should probably see each other some day.