i've been neglecting my dear blog as of late.
maybe its'be because i feel like life is super mundane lately.
or maybe it's because i've found a new love: instagram.
my photos go there instantly after i take them. and don't ever find their way here.
this is my attempt to do better.

we spent the weekend in idaho, and didn't do much. but it was the best kind of break.
i didn't have to cook a single meal. thanks to grandma & my favorite places to eat out in burley.
we watched a few good movies, read a few good books, & slept in to our hearts content.
we also got plenty of niece time in. thank goodness.

love this little lady.

strawberry ice cream=brian's second love. 
he also loves the hunger games. read that book in one day.

her cheeks are coming in nicely. :)

ave doesn't smile for a pictures....
 unless you catch her watching her favorite show, in her favorite chair, with her favorite aunt.

it was a really good trip to burley. minus the speeding ticket on the way.
{idaho cops are the worst kind.....they've never liked me.}

and on a completely different note....(pun not intended)
 and if you haven't heard mr. jason mraz's new single yet. this is a must listen. new favorite song.

happy tuesday. :)


  1. favorite post. i am seriously surprised at how many smiles you caught of avery. that never happens with me. but yeah, that dang instagram really is getting in our way of blogging, unfortunately it is much easier that blogging, therefore, my time is spent there not here.

  2. Cute post! Good to see you while you were in Burley, and I love that song.. thanks for sharing.

  3. wait....favorite aunt? I think its a toss up between you and i.