neglected blog.

these last 2 weeks have been so crazy.
i have had test, after test, after test. 
it's been pretty overwhelming.
soo...shout out to the best husband around. thanks bri..for putting up with a completely stressed wife, doing the laundry week after week, not complaining that we've been living in a completely trashed house & for being content with my suuper lame meals (or mostly lack of meals).  thanks for not complaining that we've basically spent all of our money eating out way too much, just because i claim to be too burnt out to cook dinner.
but mostly, thanks for letting me vent over & over, staying up late just to spend time with me & telling me how smart i am (even though we both know that's not true). so glad i have you.

we've been up to a few things besides school & work.
we spent 2 weekends ago working hard on our table. it looks like bri did all the work in this picture (but that's not the case) he did however do most of the work. :)
the table deserves a post of it's own. it was my first experience refurnishing & i've got some tips & tricks to share.
it is almost completely finished. i'll post pictures as soon as it is.

 and we've attended lots of weddings...
isn't my husband a hottie?

...& receptions.
nothing i love more than a good wedding. it's been fun.

sunday we got to skype elder jones. in the past we've all been in the same location on mothers day. but this year none of us were together. so instead of all of us piling around the same computer & not really hearing/ seeing anything unless you were in the front, we each could hear/see/get in our two cents perfectly. 
i loved it. technology is fabulous.
& elder jones is even better.

we're counting down the days until this semester is over.
only three more weeks of class & finals.
i can do this. 


  1. Can I just say, that picture of me sanding the table makes me look like a Jedi. Am I or am I not levitating that sandpaper? I am. And that is sweet. Also, I love you

  2. Cute Post! I wish i had a blog :( We could be blogging buds! Well love you! And miss you guys! -mal :P

  3. You're cute. And you're almost done with this semester! Can't wait to see your table!

  4. I forgot about the missionary phone call. I bet that was awesome to see Davis :)

  5. Skyping is the best! And your table is looking awesome! It will be so nice when it is finished.