random facts & cheeto puffs

So a few weeks ago (okay a month) my cousin, Becca, tagged & nominated me with this award.

I always love reading random facts about other people, so even though it's late, i wanted to do it. (better late than never, right?)

Each Nominee Should:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
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  4. Share seven completely random facts about yourself
  5. Include this set of rules
  6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination
Like Becca, I won't nominate 15 people. However, I will nominate 5.
*my sister: morgan
*my sister-in-law: melissa
*a couple of friends: gabe & mckell
* and my cousin: paige

7 random facts:

1.  My cousin Becca (the one that tagged me) & I have been friends (i wish i could say for as long as i can remember-but i can't, because I remember the exact day we became friends) ever since we got stuck out in the middle of the river on a jet-ski together. I'm not completely sure how old we were...maybe 14 & 13 (I'm a year older.) For some reason I went with her & her mom & my aunt to a family reunion (one of those distant family reunions where you don't know anybody.) & like i said before, we went on a jet-ski ride and it stopped way down from where the dock was. (i'm not sure who let 2 teenage girls take out their jet-ski, but that was bad idea number one) i don't really remember how, but somehow we flagged someone down & they came and rescued us. fabulous right? wrong... he didn't have a rope so I had to turn around on my jet ski & hold on to the seat of the other jet ski to get pulled back to the dock. well...the guy driving the other jet-ski had a pretty bad plumbers crack, which was right where my hands were, & i got to try  not to stare at it the whole way back.

 for some reason that experience turned us from just cousins into best friends.
 check out her blog. she's the greatest.
*that was more of a story rather than a fact, but it was random. :)

2. I am sort of an obnoxious clean freak. (which i didn't discover until I was married.) not so much crazy about if the toilet is spotless or the house is dust free, but mostly just clutter. I get super stressed out/ can't function if stuff is not in place, or the kitchen is piled with dishes. 
 (i blame my  mom. our house was basically spotless 24/7. how do you even do that with 7 kids?) 

3. i brush my teeth about 7 times a day. i know, it's probably bad for my gums.  

4. i used to think i was quite the social butterfly. in fact, i kind of prided myself in the fact. annnnd then i got married. brian blows me out of the water when it comes to being social/outgoing. i've discovered that i like to keep to myself way more than i ever thought....

5. I'm a list maker extraordinaire & proud of it. I don't know how anybody gets anything accomplished without one.

6. i talk to every single family member on a very regular basis. (yes, my brothers will call & chat with me on the phone) & we are all into each others business a little too much. (it's the jones way...)

7. im a night owl. i can accomplish ten times more from 7pm-midnight than i do during the day. & i usually do.
however, i wish i was more of a morning person. i'm working on that. :)
we're hanging out in idaho for memorial weekend. we were pretty excited for a little break from provo. i'm currently eating cheeto puffs & watching a movie with my niece. yeah i know, its the good life.


  1. Macey and Brian

    Hi Macey I hope to see you in June or July I love to read your blogs so keep up the good work Love, Kristi

  2. haha i loved that story about you and becca! cute post :) -mal

  3. I feel so loved... I was the first person you nominated :)
    Also, i look at your blog like 20 times a day. I love it.

  4. I had no idea that happened to you and Becca. In fact, I can't really picture Becca on a jet ski :)

  5. Ha I loved that whole post! It's been a while since I thought about how we became friends and truly it was monumental. Also, pretty much the rest of your facts are things that I do too! I've become more of a clean freak and less social after being married, and I over-brush my teeth and make too many lists. And the biggie that ties our friendship together is our sleeping habits:) I have many a memory of late night chats and homework sessions with you. And of course sleeping in... ALWAYS.

  6. It was good to hear the story about how we became friends again. It truly was epic. Also, I just want you to know that we are practically the same person. I think I matched up with EVERY SINGLE ONE of your random facts. Coincidence? No. I think its destiny.